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Miscellaneous Discuss Laugh Floor? in the News & Rumors forums; What do guys think about the Laugh Floor? I havn't done that yet. Is it worth the wait or should I pass it by?...
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    Laugh Floor?

    What do guys think about the Laugh Floor? I havn't done that yet. Is it worth the wait or should I pass it by?

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    it was really cute...but if you're under a time constraint then i would say you could skip it

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    I have to say that I was happily surprised by this attraction. I have done it twice since then and each time have had a different experience each time. To be honest though I would not have tried it if we did not have time to kill but I am very glad we did. I would suggest trying to fit this in if you can ESPECIALLY if the weather is not great (rain, too hot, etc) or if you just need a break from the day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by redheadbrown View Post
    What do guys think about the Laugh Floor? I havn't done that yet. Is it worth the wait or should I pass it by?

    Well, it's not a "must do" attraction by any stretch of the imagination. However, probably because of this, the line tends not to be very long. The show is about 10-15 minutes, so you can expect to spend 15 in the show, 15 in the pre-show, and perhaps some fraction of 15 in the queue waiting for the pre-show ahead of you to move into the theater -- although when I saw it last weekend we walked right into the pre-show area without waiting on line.

    I've seen it twice. The first time was during the passholder preview, and I was rather disappointed. I had heard that it had undergone some improvements over the months it's been open so I went again this weekend. I can't put my finger on anything in particular that was better, but I enjoyed it more this time than last time. But that could just be because there was no wait this time.

    It uses technology similar to Turtle Talk with Crush, in which the animated characters on screen interact with the audience, sometimes on an individual basis but usually not. The show I just saw had several people in the audience being put on screen, and the character made comments about them that a prerecorded character could not have made, such as making fun of their appearance or something. They only had actual dialog with two audience members, one adult and one child -- unlike Crush, which if I remember correctly was mostly dialog with children in the audience. The content is supposed to vary from show to show, but I haven't seen it enough to know just how much it varies.

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    First time I saw it I wasn't that impressed...cute but not that loved it from day 1 tho. Now it's grown on me more and saw it again last Sunday and it had been updated since last August. While it's not a "must see" attraction for myself, the family believes otherwise and we see if every trip now.

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    The first time we went to this attraction we went twice that day. I think it is one not to be missed. Each time I have gone, the line has not been long at all, but if there is a bit of a wait, it's worth it. Very cute and funny show.

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    You know I like the show. I think its really a cool idea with the interaction between the characters and guests and it's funny too! It's really worth a try.

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    I tried it twice for the first time this December and my whole family enjoyed it. Very cute, and different both times. The line wasn't long either time and I definitely think it is worth a try if you've never done it before.

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    I'd do it if I was you to form your own opinion of it. I personally felt that it merited the time used to see it.

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    I thought it was very funny and entertaining my husband and i really liked it
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    I don't think of it as a must do. But it was really well done and a lot of fun. I would definitely give it a try. It is much more interactive feeling than the other shows. I would pick it over Stitch's Great Escape (For example) any day.
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    i liked the laugh floor i too was skeptical about how well it was going to turn out but i was very impressed i actually went twice after seeing it because i needed a good laugh for the day!! lol!
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    Me and my family of three other people tried it. Its cute, but only one member of my family (my father) really liked it. Definitely not a must do. But see it and make your own opinion of it.
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    It was cute. Good time to sit and give your feet a rest or get cool when it's hot outside.
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    It's definitely not a must-do-every-time. But it's also definitely a must-do-at-least-once. Unlike, say, Stitch.

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