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Miscellaneous Discuss Last of the "Nine Old Men" passes away in the News & Rumors forums; Ollie Johnston passed away yesterday. He was the last living member of the "Nine Old Men". More about him: Ollie Johnston - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia...
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    Last of the "Nine Old Men" passes away

    Ollie Johnston passed away yesterday. He was the last living member of the "Nine Old Men".

    More about him:

    Ollie Johnston - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    AWW! Rest in Peace and enjoy the reunion with Walt.
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    It's always difficult to read that people, who were very important in the history of the Walt Disney Company, have left us. It's another link that is lost to the past. Condolences to his family and friends.
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    That's very sad

    He will be missed

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    Animator Ollie Johnston had died.

    One of Walt Disney's original "nine old men" animators has died of natural causes at age 95. Details here: Around Disney » Blog Archive » Ollie Johnston, one of Disney’s original animators, has died -
    Sheila disneyfan822

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    It's tough that another legend has left us.

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    Rest in peace Ollie. Thank you for all that you did to make us laugh.
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    It's strange, I just watched "Frank and Ollie" a few months ago and got many older movies recently as well and it felt like I had just "met" them recently and now they're gone.

    We were lucky to have them as long as we did and to have them on many of the movie bonus features has been great.

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    Ollie Johnston

    I was very sad to see this morning that Ollie Johnston, age 95, passed away. I just wanted to express my thoughts. I can't imagine the wealth of knowledge this man had. He and helped make Disney movies what they are today. The experiences and changes he witnessed over his amazing career no one person will ever go through again.

    RIP Ollie .... you'll be missed. Thank you for all you have done.


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    I had hoped to meet him eventually...he will be missed. Its always sad to see creativity leave this world, because we seem to be getting so little new.
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    I saw that article about his passing last night and was very sad. My heart goes out to his family.
    Thank you Ollie for all that you have done.

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    The Last of the 9 old men died monday

    ollie johnston died at the age of 95 of natural causes . He was the last living member of walt's nine old men who were there with walt from the beginning. He worked on animation for such great classics as Fantasia and Bambi.
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    I was just going to post a thread on this - glad to see someone beat me to it. Here's the news article I read to find out...
    Sometimes all you need is a reminder that out there lies a better place... a better world... a Walt Disney World.
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    His legend lives on in the parks and the trains and the movies, such amazing talent to do that which was never before done and bring about a new concept in family entertainment and film innovation. The loss of a legend is always sad.
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