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Miscellaneous Discuss Have you seen people from your hometown.... in the News & Rumors forums; This isn't hometown, but 7 years ago I traveled with a group of 6 other college-aged students and we taught conversational English in northern Europe. This past January, my husband ...
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    This isn't hometown, but 7 years ago I traveled with a group of 6 other college-aged students and we taught conversational English in northern Europe. This past January, my husband and I were in Disney World celebrating our 5 year anniversary, and we were sitting in La Cantina in Mexico. Around the corner came one of the members of my traveling group--hadn't seen him in years! The weird thing is I knew he was currently living in Sweden, so I was extra-shocked. Turned out the organization he works with now had a conference in Orlando. It was awesome!

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    i was with my family heading to RockNRollercoaster when we saw my choir teacher and his mom coming out of the ToT. It was really weird cuz he had retired that year and we thought we wouldnt see him for a while. Also, we were standing in line for Soarin and i was wearing my school tshirt and a cast member walked up to us and told us he was from our city! it was really cool! plus this all happened on the same trip

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    It's kind of cool to see people you know when you're in the "world". You'll be in a line for something and see them walk by or they walk up to you casually and say,"Hey".

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    well my family was going to wdw for april vacation one year and so was my brothers best friend but he wasnt staying as long as we were so one day at the MK it started to pour so we quickly took shelter right at the eatery at ariels grotto and we ironically ended up standing right next to my brothers best friend lol.... and when we are asked where we are from we say Mass and everyone automatically assumes boston or springfield which we are near springfield so when people over hear they usually pipe in that they live near springfield too.... that and the ocasional redsox hats give it away
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    After we returned from our last trip, we were at a local diner. As we were leaving, someone asked us if we were just at WDW. They were on the same bus with us going back to the hotel one night and saw us struggling with 2 sleeping kids and the stroller.
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    I have seen people I know on 2 different trips. First time ever @ WDW we were waiting for Spectromagic to start. It was about 3 or 4 people deep and we were trying to get the kids to the front to be able to see. The people directly in front of us knew my wife ( through Homeschooling) and let our kids in front with theirs. We now attend church together and are good friends.

    Our second encounter was with someone I work with and his wife who was my high school sweetheart's best friend. And we have lived in the same town our whole lives.

    This did not happen at WDW. we were in Hawaii and lying by the pool. My wife always says we see someone I know everywhere we go. So we are relaxing and my wife says " At least we won't see anybody you know since we are 1/4 of the way around the world." She no sooner got the words out of her mouth when a lady I worked with rounded the corner of the building and I said "Hey, Joanna!" My wife screamed "you've got to be kidding!!!" Fun memory!
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