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Miscellaneous Discuss Tower of Terror Help!!!! in the News & Rumors forums; Hey guys, I will be in the Studios in a couple days. The only ride I have never ridden is ToT and I am scared out of my mind. I'm ...
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    Exclamation Tower of Terror Help!!!!

    Hey guys, I will be in the Studios in a couple days. The only ride I have never ridden is ToT and I am scared out of my mind. I'm the kind of guy who has a weak stomach, so what I want to know is: What is the maximum times you drop, what are the least times you drop, and are there any tip or tricks to help you not feel that sick stomach feeling when you drop? Any help here is welcome. Thanks.

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    Don't go on with a full tummy. Eat a few saltines and drink some ginger ale, before and after if possible. Try to figure out what makes your so scared about it, and focus on staying calm. BREATHE, breathe, breathe. I only get really sick if I start holding my breath. Hope that helps.
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    Agree with the above...breath and take it easy. My son was more afraid of the basement (Disney does a fine job themeing) then the actual ride but it just took one time for him to be sold on it. The drops are very controlled and not like some of the jerky state-fair/six flags dropping rides at all. Believe you have atleast 4-6 drops per ride if memory serves me correctly.
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    Unfortunately EVERY trip on ToT is completely different. I believe I heard there are over 100 different trips that can be taken, meaning some fall more than others. Ghasty seems right with the 4-6 drops. The first and second ones are the ones you should be prepared for because these drops take the most toll on your stomache (in my opinion) and after that it is pretty much the ride coming to an end. Definitely go on an empty stomache, when the windows open up and you get ready to fall, just brace yourself...what works for my dad, who hates falling like that, is to almost lift himself off the seat and brace himself so when the fall occurs, he is already in the air and doesn't have that initial lift off. Maybe try keeping your eyes closed as you are falling or stare straight ahead since it is hard to concentrate on one thing. Maybe even make a mention to the CM who is helping you on that the less intense the better. If they can choose which variation of the ride that you experience it couldn't hurt to mention it? Just some suggestions, good luck when you go and enjoy the ride for what it's worth because I think it's amazing!

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    It is a suprisingly smooth drop and doesn't jerk you at all. Both of my grandparents (65 and 67) were opposed to going on it at first but then decided to try it last minute and both of them loved it! I would say just try it, because the dropping part only lasts a short time and if you don't like the feeling, it will be over shortly anyway. I think Rock n Roller Coaster would cause someone to get sick more than ToT would, well for me anyway.

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    I think the previous incarnation of this ride without the random drop pattern was way more intense. The door would open and you knew you were going all the way down. Now, I have never had a full drop in any of the random sequences. I think they should return to the ToT 2.0 version.

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    I hear ya. I haven't been on ToT in a while either because the falling sensation literally hurts. I get so tense that I make myself sick. I think one of the worst parts about ToT is the wait. It gives you the time to get worked up because you spend most of the queue thinking about it. The theming is excellent. It terms of theming, it's truly one of my favorite rides to appreciate Disney's intricacy. But at the same time, the eerie theming makes it all the you see what I'm getting at? My suggestion is to get the Fastpass and get on as quickly as possible. It gives your mind less time to dwell on what's to come. If you have time and you realize this trick works, why not take one time in the queue just enjoying the scenery. Skip out if at the end, you don't feel ready. When you're truly ready to ride, Fastpass it and get it over with.
    Also, the lifting oneself off the seat is a great trick. It semi-prepares you for what's to come.
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    If riding this attraction doesn't sound like fun, then why do it? Everyone gave you good suggestions for getting though it, but you have to go with your own instincts. Not everyone is cut out to do all rides and that's OK. I do not like ferris wheels or rides that keep me suspended high in the air. Even riding the first open lift on EE, is definitely NOT my favorite part of the ride. An attraction should give you a mild rush, but not make you feel as though you're headed to the guillotine. Maybe you're not ready yet to take on ToT. I never rode a roller coaster at all till I was in my 30's. I had to be ready to take on the challenge. Others may not agree with me, but I think Dumbo or Aladdin have that same "drop" feeling, but not to the same extent. If you enjoy those rides, then maybe ToT may not seem as intense to you. To me, Dumbo lasts longer even though I have some control over how high I go and how often I have to come down after I go up. Good luck with deciding whether to try Tot this trip, or wait a bit longer.
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    This ride is not bad in the least. I rode the ride next to a girl who was riding it for the first time. She asked me how the ride was and I told her it is fun and just relax and enjoy it. I also said, when we get to the end of the corridor, it will be very dark, the ride will pause for a moment and then we will drop. Well, due to the random nature of the ride, we didn't drop. We actually shot upwards before we went down.

    Also, this is called a drop ride. Well, that is a misnomer. The ride never actually drops. Everything about the ride is controlled. When you "drop" you are being pulled down by the mechanics of the ride.

    It's funny how a name can scare people. That is why I have told my wife, who does not like roller coasters and ToT, never to say to my son that something is "scary." I truly believe that if a child is told a ride is scary, it will make an impression and the child will most likely avoid the ride without trying it.

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    My wife and son both have rode ToT and have vowed never to ride it again.
    Neither of them like the sensation of falling and neither of them will ride Splash Mountain. But they both love R&R Coaster! I think if you don't like the sensation of free falling then don't ride it. But if you can ride most any thrill ride then you should be fine. Just relax and know that it doesn't last long at all and there is a bathroom right outside the ride queue. LOL. I don't think you will need it unless you are super sensitive to motion sickness.

    As crazy as it sounds Space Mountain makes me more queasy than any ride at WDW.
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