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Miscellaneous Discuss Some shopping help? in the News & Rumors forums; Hey all! First of all, I am from England and I must say that I am a SNOWGLOBE NUT! It is getting to be an addiction. Anyway I am really ...
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    Some shopping help?

    Hey all! First of all, I am from England and I must say that I am a SNOWGLOBE NUT! It is getting to be an addiction. Anyway I am really not impressed with the UK Disney Store, so i have been looking to buy merchandise when I go to Disney World this summer. However I have been looking online, trying to see if there is a shop that shows the merchandise from the World of Disney Store in DD and I am assuming that there isn't one? I have found the US Disney Store though, will the same merchandise be in Downtown Disney?

    In particular I am thinking of this:
    Sleeping Beauty Snowglobe |

    And this:
    World of Disney Snowglobe Bookends |

    I really love the Sleeping Beauty one, can anyone tell me where to find the WOD website or tell me if it is the same as the Disney Store?

    Thanks a million guys!

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    There unfortunately isn't a site that has the merchandise you can get at the World of Disney or anywhere in the parks for that matter. I think they do that on purpose so to get property merchandise you have to be on property. I wish there was one though because so many times I'll get home and say "y'know I really should've bought X".

    The closest thing to a site with park merchandise is the Laughing Place Store. They are basically a middle man that can buy stuff for you on property... for a fee.

    There is also the mail order service but they don't have a website.
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    you could call Disney Merchandising at 407-363-6200 or e-mail them at and ask them for what your looking for but sadly there is no catalog yet. I found this site for some bargins on snow globes....
    Snow Globes in the Disney Outlet!:
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    As far as snowglobes go, I know there are restrictions about bringing them on planes, and they can be a little too expensive to feel safe putting them in your luggage. I'd take a notebook and pen with you, and anytime you see something too big or something you wouldn't be able to take on the plane with you that you really want, write the price, and a description of the item down. Then when you get home, call Disney Mail Order:407-363-6200 and order the items. (i'm not sure about shipping costs to the UK, however.)

    I think you'll definately be impressed compared to the Disney Stores. There's alot more classic/theme park disney rather than High School Musical and Camp Rock that is in the Disney Stores. Have a great Trip!!!!!!!
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    That is quite clever of them, not having a website as a way of getting you on site. They should have a catalogue though if there is a mail order service!

    Hmm. It’s a tough one. I will try the two websites you mentioned, thank you! And probably contact those you mentioned.

    I know that if I brought them there then I would have put them in my suitcase, which is a risk. But we have done it before and they survived, so fingers crossed it will be OK again. The thing also with getting it delivered Is that along with the shipping fees there is chance they will slam some extra tax on you, at a stupid price… and I’m a student lol. But if may have to come to that.

    I am a secret HSM fan, but I agree that we really do not need half the Disney Store to have merchandise full of it!!

    So, can anyone tell me if the globes that I have found on the Disney Store website will be available in the Disney parks stores? I know that DS is a different company, I was just wondering if there was any crossover or if I will need to go to a Mall.

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    Re: Some shopping help?

    very nice.
    you might want to visit Disney Artist store at the front park of
    Epcot the have some you will not see anywhere.

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