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Miscellaneous Discuss My proposed Disney theme park resort in the News & Rumors forums; I created a mock proposal for a brand new Disney theme park on I created for WDWMagic's Imagineer forum. Dozens of other proposals like mine have been created ...
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    Exclamation My proposed Disney theme park resort

    I created a mock proposal for a brand new Disney theme park on I created for WDWMagic's Imagineer forum. Dozens of other proposals like mine have been created there as well. My proposed Disney theme park resort sits on 1200-1600 acres of land-- about 4 times the size of Disneyland's (Anaheim) property, but only an insect compared to the massive 27,000+ acres Walt Disney World covers. As of opening day (or at least shortly afterward), this Disney theme park resort will consist of two theme parks; The Magic Kingdom, and Disney Studios ______ (name of park's location); four hotels, plus a campground; a Downtown Disney retail and entertainment district; two golf courses; and possibly a water park as well.

    As for my Disney theme park resort's location, not really sure. Some likely areas would be in the central U.S. (perhaps Texas or Oklahoma, due to warmer climates), or possibly even Hawaii (which I think would be a really fun location, esp. given its large amount of tourism and natural beauty!!!!!). I designed this as a U.S. theme park, due primarily to familiarity with the culture, and since it would be nice to have another Disney theme park in the U.S. somewhere! Disney currently has theme parks in Orlando (WDW); Anaheim, CA (Disneyland); Tokyo; Paris; and a 5th is currently under construction in Hong Kong. Also, Disney is considering a 6th theme park near Shanghai, China; just 550 miles from Hong Kong and 1138 miles from Tokyo, and even a 7th near Seoul, S. Korea; only 538 miles from Tokyo!

    Disney did in fact plan a theme park in the early 1990's called Disney's America in NE Virginia near Washington, DC. Unfortunately, that fell apart. Mainly, its wherever Disney would build another theme park, particularly in the U.S., so it's location is anyone's guess!!!!

    I will post more about my proposed Disney theme park, including park maps, in a series of replies to this post! :mickey:

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    Exclamation Main Street, USA

    I have here my maps of Main Street, USA in my Magic Kingdom park in my proposed Disney theme park resort. The first map lists rides and attractions, whereas the second inducates shops and restaurants.

    Liberty Street is actually part of Main Street, USA, but with many of the same attractions as Liberty Square, and not a separate land like Liberty Square. IIRC, this was Walt Disney's original idea for Liberty Street, which he had planned for Disneyland as far back as 1956, but never was built and eventually evolved into Liberty Square at WDW's Magic Kingdom.

    Here is my current list of rides and attractions for Main Street, USA:

    1.) City Hall
    2.) The Disney Gallery
    3.) Disneyland Railroad Station
    4.) Fire Station: this still has the antique fire engine and other firefighter equipment. The 101 Dalmations and other merchandise that WDW's MK now sells in its fire station will be sold in the Toontown Fire Station.

    5.) The Hall of Presidents
    6.) Liberty Bell Replica: This is a replica of the Liberty Bell much like the one WDW has in Liberty Square.
    7.) Liberty Tree
    8.) Main Street Bank: which offers currency exchange, Disney Dollars, and Disney Vacation Club services and information.

    9.) Main Street Cinema
    10.) Main Street Vehicles
    11.) Penny Arcade
    12.) The Walt Disney Story

    P.) This is a Parade Route service road, where each of the parades terminate and make the trek back to their starting point!

    Here is what I have for shops and restaurants:

    Food & Restaurants:

    A.) Blue Ribbon Bakery
    B.) Candy Palace
    C.) Crystal Palace Restaurant
    D.) Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor
    E.) Liberty Tree Tavern
    F.) Main Street Fruit Cart
    G.) Plaza Inn
    H.) Refreshment Corner
    I.) Sleepy Hollow: which is very much like it's WDW counterpart in Liberty Square
    J.) Tony's Town Square Restaurant

    1.) Boston Observer Print Shop (this was in fact part of the original plans for Disneyland's then-proposed Liberty Street in 1956)
    2.) The Chapeau
    3.) China Closet
    4.) Crystal Arts
    5.) Disney & Co.
    6.) Disney Clothiers
    7.) Disneyana Collectables
    8.) The Emporium
    9.) The Greenhouse: which sells flowers and various potted plants.
    10.) Heritage House
    11.) Kodak Camera Center
    12.) Main Street Athletic Club
    13.) Main Street Book Store
    14.) Market House
    15.) New Century Jewelry
    16.) New Century Timepieces
    17.) Newsstand
    18.) Paul Revere's Candle Shop: Liberty Street's plan had a store called Paul Revere's Silver Shop. Since I have the Silversmith in mine, I just decided to use Paul Revere's name for the candle shop!!!!!

    19.) Pin Trading Central
    20.) Silversmith
    21.) 20th Century Music Company
    22.) Yankee Trader
    23.) Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe

    If anyone has questions, comments, and/or suggestions, please feel free to post!

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    Exclamation Magic Kingdom Central Hub

    Before I get to the rest of my Magic Kingdom-like theme park, I will post my drawing of the park's central hub:

    FYI, my theme park map drawings were created with the Paint program from Microsoft Windows, in case anyone is wondering! Just thought you'd like to know!

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    Exclamation Fantasyland

    Here is what I have for Fantasyland. Once again, rides and attractions denoted by (FP) use the FastPass service:

    Rides and Attractions

    1.) Ariel's Grotto
    2.) Beauty and the Beast dark ride: this is entered from inside the castle and located in the ballroom under the left-hand side rotunda of the castle.
    3.) Casey Jr. Circus Train: In comparison to Disneyland's Casey Jr., the open-air cars with have rooftop-like covers much like the railroad cars. Also, these and the animal cage cars will be larger and less confining, to allow much more comfortable riding for adults, especially large adults!

    In addition, Casey Jr. I decide to modify the ride's opening a bit. If anyone has ever seen Dumbo (1941) before, when Casey Jr. exclaims "All Aboard! Let's Go!", that's not the actual "All Aboard" call for the train, but Casey's response to it! Disneyland's Casey Jr. Circus Train, however, uses Casey's response alone in the beginning. I decided to make mine more true to the animated movie, by adding the actual "All Aboard" call before Casey Jr. answers it! For the actual "All Aboard" call, I will use the recording of voice actor Thurl Ravenscroft (voice of Tony the Tiger, among other things!) used on Disneyland's Railroad, which is followed of course by Casey Jr. tooting "All Aboard! Let's Go", and then the train takes off!

    WDW's Railroad uses a live "All Aboard" call from the train conductor. I was going to use the same for the railroad in my MK park, thus giving mine the best of both worlds; using a live call for the railroad's train and the recording for Casey Jr. Circus Train!

    Last but not least, Storybook Land itself will have character miniatures with the structures; such as Pinocchio, Geppetto, and Jiminy Cricket inside Monstro; and Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Wendy, John, and Michael flying over London Park!

    4.) Cinderella's Golden Carrousel
    5.) Dumbo the Flying Elephant
    6.) Fairytale Gardens, presenting Storytime with Cinderella: This is similar to the storytelling show with Belle at WDW's Magic Kingdom, except this time Cinderella tells her story and joins a group of children from the audience, acting out parts from Cinderella. After the show, a "meet and greet" with Cinderella and the audience menbers takes place!

    7.) Fantasyland Theatre, presenting Mickey's Magic Book: this show will be a somewhat modified version of Le Livre Magique de Mickey that ran at Disneyland Paris from 1992-1997. In fact anyone's not familar with this show, it involved Mickey opening a giant storybook which opened into various Disney fairtytale cartoon acts; more specifically Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty!

    However, there will be a few differences. Other than obviously using English instead of French, this show will have all of the "Big 5" (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto) instead of just Mickey in the opening segment, and bumpers in between each fairytale act! Also, I replaced Cinderella with Alice in Wonderland, since Cinderella has storytelling duties in Fairytale Gardens nearby! Like Le Livre Magique de Mickey, Mickey's Magic Book will be broken up into three main segments, each telling a different story, with three different sets of characters. Here is what I have so far:

    The opening segment will feature 4 of "Big 5" (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy), and a bit comical opening at that! Eventually, each of them tries to open the book, but with no success! Then Pluto runs in from backstage frantically with Mickey's Sorcerer hat and cape! With that, Mickey realizes that magic is needed to open up the book and start the show, so he puts on his hat and cape, and magically opens the book, which starts our show!

    (In between acts, Mickey and the gang return in "bumpers" to separate each act, and offer a little more fun and humor with the "Big 5"!)

    Act 1: Snow White
    Act 2: Alice in Wonderland
    Act 3: Sleeping Beauty

    I moved Snow White from Act 2 to Act 1, since Snow White and Sleeping Beauty are quite similar stories, as well as being Princess/Royalty-type fairytales. Since Alice in Wonderland is VERY different from the other two stories, I placed it in between as Act 2.

    Finally, we have the grand finale, with all the characters together like in Le Livre Magique de Mickey had at Disneyland Paris' show!

    8.) it's a small world: Once again, this ride's exterior is designed similar to Disneyland's; with the ticking clock, spinning mechanisms, and the march of children on the hour!

    However, the boats will be larger like WDW's, and the waiting area and boat waterway will have a canopy over it, in case of inclimate weather; which will have the same striped pink, blue, and white color scheme as the tent-like structure on the entrance area of WDW's ride. Therefore, we will have a tribute to IASW at both existing parks!

    9.) Mad Tea Party: This is similar to WDW's ride, but has a stylized glass roof over the ride, to keep rain out but allow more sunlight in; giving this ride a "sunnier" and lighter look than the darker bumper-car like roof on WDW's Mad Tea Party ride! Also, I was considering for a centerpiece, figurines of Alice, the Mad Hatter, and Marsh Hare at the tea party, with the White Rabbit rushing in, obviously late!-- sitting on a raised circular platform for easy viewing. WDW's Mad Tea Party has a giant teapot with the door mouse perring out the top for the centerpiece, while Disneyland's has no centerpiece nor roof on top.

    10.) Matterhorn Bobsleds (FP)
    11.) Mickey Mouse Revue: This is an animatronic musical orchestra of Disney characters with Mickey as conductor, much like the former WDW Magic Kingdom show which was moved to Tokyo Disneyland in 1983. My theme park's Mickey Mouse Revue will be updated quite a bit, with more up-to-date animatronics, and a few new characters, such as:
    -- Sebastian from The Little Mermaid, with his seashell drums
    -- Esmerelda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, with her tamborine
    -- Peter Pan, with his Pan flute: I know he's not a new character, but I find it quite surprising this was not included on the original ride!

    More about Mickey Mouse Revue can be found at: :mickey:

    12.) Mr. Toad's Wild Ride
    13.) The Old Mill Ferris Wheel: This is a ferris wheel shaped like a windmill, themed to the 1937 Silly Symphony cartoon The Old Mill
    14.) Peter Pan's Flight (FP)
    15.) Pinocchio's Daring Journey
    16.) Sleeping Beauty dark ride
    17.) Snow White's Adventures: This will probably be the most different of the dark rides in my park, since this version of Snow White will focus much more on the story of Snow White rather than the Witch. Also, instead of handing the poisoned apple to the riders, the witch hands it to Snow White. This version will be MUCH less intimidating to young children than WDW and Disneyland's versions; the scenes where the Queen turns into the Witch and where the Witch hands Snow White the apple might unnerve some younger children, but the ride will be nowhere near as terrifying as the other parks' Snow White rides, as well as focusing on the character of Snow White!

    18.) Storybook Land Canal Boats

    Here is my list of shops and restaurants for Fantasyland, as indicated on the map below:

    Food & Restaurants:

    A.) Captain Hook's Codfish & Chips: which is modeled after a British Fish and Chips spot, with a Hook/Peter Pan theme.
    B.) Lumière's: This is the castle's restaurant, similar to Cinderella's Royal Table at WDW, located on the castle's 2nd floor. Lumière's also features a character breakfast each morning; in which guests are joined by Belle, Cinderella, Snow White, Aladdin, Jasmine, and Peter Pan. In addition, Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) greets guests in the lobby.

    C. Mrs. Potts' Cupboard: located on the 1st floor of the castle, right by the castle's entrance into Fantasyland.
    D. Pinocchio's Village Haus: Like iits Disneyland and WDW counterparts, Pinocchio's Village Haus is a fast-food type restaurant; serving hamburgers, hot dogs, french fries, personal pizzas, and grilled turkey sandwiches.
    E.) Scuttle's Landing
    F.) The Old Mill Snack Corner
    G.) 3 Faries Confectionery: This is a candy/sweet shop named for the 3 good faries from Sleeping Beauty; Flora, Fauna, and Merriweather.
    H.) Toad Hall Refreshments


    1.) Belle's Gallery: located inside the castle.
    2.) Fantasy Faire Gifts
    3.) The Glass Slipper: which sells glass items as well as various Cinderella-themed merchandise. The Glass Slipper also features glass-blowing, which is demonstrated for the guests by talented glass-blowers as they sculpt their glass structures.
    4.) Heraldry Shop: located inside the castle
    5.) it's a small world toy shop
    6.) Le Petit Chalet Gifts: located at the base of the Matterhorn
    7.) Merlin's Magic Shop
    8.) Seven Dwarfs Mining Company
    9.) Sir Mickey's :mickey:
    10.) Tinker Bell's Treasures
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    Exclamation Adventureland

    I have here my Adventureland maps. Once again, the first map lists rides and attractions, while the second lists shops and restaurants.

    Here is a key to the rides and attractions in Adventureland. Rides and attractions denoted by (FP) use the FastPass service:

    1.) Adventureland Theatre: which presents a Lion King show similar to Festival of the Lion King at WDW's Animal Kingdom and/or Legend of the Lion King at Disneyland Paris.

    2.) Enchanted Tiki Room: This show will probably be considerably more like Disneyland's (Anaheim) show, but more up-to-date and with newer characters such as Iago from Aladdin (1992).

    3.) The Haunted Mansion (FP)
    4.) Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Crystal Skull (FP): This is basically an enhanced and more elaborate Indiana Jones ride from Disneyland's, with a slightly different storyline. This Indiana Jones ride is also at Tokyo DisneySea.
    5.) Jungle Cruise (FP)
    6.) Magic Carpets of Aladdin
    7.) Pirates of the Carribean (FP): This POTC ride is similar to the extended version seen at Disneyland, which runs for about 14 minutes. WDW's POTC ride runs for about 9 minutes.
    8.) Tarzan's Treehouse

    Here is what I have for my Adventureland shops & restaurants:

    Food & Restaurants:

    A.) Aloha Isle
    B.) Blue Bayou Restaurant
    C.) Café Orléans
    D.) Crystal Palace Restaurant: Once again, despite it's Main Street, USA location by the central hub, Crystal Palace can also be entered from Adventureland in the back. Crystal Palace offers character meals at Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner; where guests are joined by Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, Rabbit, and Eeyore at all 3 meals!

    E.) Hakuna Matada Restaurant
    F.) Le Petite Patisserie
    G.) Mint Julep Bar
    H.) Royal Street Veranda
    I.) The Skipper's Galley
    J.) Sunshine Tree Terrace

    Last but not least, Adventureland also includes Club 33, a members-only club/restaurant which is located in Carribean Plaza. For Disneylanders out there, some of the names of the shops and restaurants in Carribean Plaza probably sound familiar. This is since I modeled my Carribean Plaza after New Orleans Square! The main difference is that mine is called Carribean Plaza, like the area at WDW's Magic Kingdom, and is part of Adventureland; unlike Disneyland's, which is a separate land. Tokyo Disneyland modeled their Carribean Plaza (also part of Adventureland) after New Orleans Square as well! WDW's Carribean Plaza has a Carribean fort-like design instead.


    1.) Agrabah Bazaar
    2.) Cristal D'Orléans
    3.) House of Treasure
    4.) Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost
    5.) Island Supply Company
    6.) Jewel of Orleans
    7.) La Mascarade
    8.) La Parfumerie
    9.) Le Bat En Rouge
    10.) Le Gourmet
    11.) L'Ornement Magique
    12.) South Seas Traders
    13.) Tropical Imports

    If anyone has questions, comments, and/or suggestions, please feel free to post! :mickey:
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    Exclamation Frontierland & Critter Country

    Here are my map renderings of Frontierland and Critter Country. The letters and numbers representing Frontierland's restaurants and shops on my maps are the large ones, while Critter Country's are indicated by the smaller letters and numbers.

    The tiny square which appears broken off from the building between the jail and the gallery was no mistake. This part of the buiding is displayed as the Town Hall, which is just a façade, much like the Town Hall in WDW's Frontierland!

    Here is a key to the rides and attractions. Once again, rides and attractions denoted by (FP) use the FastPass service:


    1.) Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (FP)
    2.) Diamond Horseshoe Saloon, presenting Diamond Horseshoe Saloon Revue: This is a Western-style saloon show, complete with can-can dancers! Here is a music file of what you would hear during that particular segment of the show:

    This song is entitled The Can-Can, which was composed by Jacques Offenbach for Orpheus In the Underworld, but the song was made famous at the Moulin Rouge theatre in Paris, which its Can-Can dancers are world-famous for!

    3.) Disneyland Railroad station
    4.) Fantasmic!: Like Disneyland's Fantasmic! show, this will be presented on the Rivers of America, complete with the Peter Pan segment on the Sailing Ship Columbia and the grand finale with all the characters from the show on the Riverboat, doubling as the Steamboat Willie! However, Fantasmic! will have a stadium-like seating area in front of the stage like Disney-MGM's Fantasmic, giving guests the best of both worlds! Here is a midi file of the Fantasmic! theme music:

    5.) Fantasmic! seating
    6.) Frontierland Jail: Note that I placed Town Hall (façade) next to the jail, which I thought was appropriate!
    7.) Frontierland Shootin' Arcade
    8.) Legends of the Old West
    9.) Lillian Marie Riverboat: which is named in honor of Walt Disney's wife Lillian Disney!
    10.) Pocahontas Island: similar to Tom Sawyer Island, Pocahontas Island, which is themed to the 1995 Disney feature film, includes the following:
    a.) 17th Century Jamestown settlement re-creation
    b.) Enchanted Glade Forest exploration area, complete with a talking Grandmother Willow tree!

    The 17th Century Jamestown settlement and Enchanted Glade Forest are exploration/play areas, much like the ones on Tom Sawyer Island. However, the next major part of the island is something entirely different!

    c.) Indian Village: which includes the Ceremonial Dance Circle; where REAL Indians/Native Americans demonstrate their native dances for the guests!

    The Indian Village is very much like the one which was at Disneyland from 1955-71:

    Last but not least Pocahontas Island includes a "meet & greet" area for the Pocahontas characters (Pocahontas, John Smith, meeko, Ratcliffe, etc.) of their own!

    11.) Rafts to Pocahontas Island
    12.) Sailing Ship Columbia II (S.S. Columbia I is at Disneyland)


    1.) Brother Bear's Explorer Canoes
    2.) Country Bears Jamboree: which presents 3 different shows seasonally!:
    a.) Christmas Hoedown (from Thansgiving Day to January 1)
    b.) Vacation Hoedown (from Memorial Day to Labor Day)
    c.) Country Bears Hoedown (during the rest of the year)

    3.) It's Tought To Be a Bug
    4.) Splash Mountain (FP)
    5.) The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (FP)
    6.) Teddi Berra's Swingin' Arcade

    Here are my shops and restaurants for Frontierland and Critter Country.

    Once again, the letters and numbers representing Frontierland's restaurants and shops on my map are the large ones, while Critter Country's are indicated by the smaller letters and numbers.


    Food & Restaurants:

    A.) Chuck Wagon (turkey legs)
    B.) Diamond Horseshoe Saloon (which serves lunch during its midday shows, as well as snacks throughout the day)

    C.) Enchanted Glade: This is a snack stand on Pocahontas Island. Enchanted Glade, along with the other shops & restaurants on Pocahontas Island, may or may not be listed in their actual locations. I only indicated that these were located on the island and not mainland Frontierland.

    D.) John Smith's Landing: This is the Pocahontas Island restaurant, much like Aunt Polly's Dockside Inn is to Tom Sawyer Island at WDW's Magic Kingdom. The menu, although not yet established, will be more like that of a regular restaurant; as opposed to Aunt Polly's, which seems to primarily serve snack-type foods such as peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, pickles, cookies, and ice cream.

    E.) Pecos Bill Cafe
    F.) Rancho Del Zocalo
    G.) River Belle Terrace
    H.) Stage Door Cafe

    1.) Bonanza Outfitters
    2.) Frontier Blacksmith
    3.) Frontier Woodcarving
    4.) Frontier Outpost & Supply
    5.) Indian Trading Post (located in the Indian Village on Pocahontas Island)
    6.) Old Time Photo: This is where guests are given the opportunity to dress up in period clothing and have their pictures taken in them!
    7.) Pioneer Mercantile
    8.) Trail Creek Shop


    Food & Restaurants:

    A.) Critter Country Fruit Cart
    B.) Harbour Galley
    C.) Laughing Place Restaurant & Country Store: Located inside Splash Mountain, Laughing Place is table-service restaurant with an attached country store, similar to Cracker Barrell but with MUCH better food! Laughing Place is themed to Brer Rabbit and the gang, much like Splash Mountain is. The restaurant features a southern-style/soul food menu, much what you might expect Brer Rabbit to chow down on! (ie: Fried Chicken, Catfish, Collard Greens, Fried Green Tomatoes, Cornbread, etc.) Laughing Place serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner; and is the only table service restaurant in Critter Country.

    D.) Rackety's Racooon Saloon


    1.) Big Al's
    2.) Hoot & Holler Hideout
    3.) Laughing Place Restaurant & Country Store (see above)
    4.) Pooh's Thotful Spot

    If anyone has questions, comments, and/or suggestions, please feel free to post! :mickey:
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    Exclamation Discoveryland

    Here is my map with rides and attractions for Discoveryland; a slightly modified version of Tomorrowland, with more staying-power and less need for constant updates!. Discoveryland is also the name for this land (or similar land) used at Disneyland Paris as well:

    FYI, The Grand Canyon and Primeval World Dioramas are enclosed buildings on the railroad track between Discoveryland and Main Street USA, which contain elaborate re-creations of the Grand Canyon and a prehistoric landscape; complete with animatronic animals! Disneyland has these on its railroad in a similar location.

    Now, onto my list of rides and attractions in Discoveryland. Once again, rides and attractions denoted by (FP) use the FastPass service:

    1.) Astro-Orbiter
    2.) Autopia
    (FP): This is not the actual track design, just a rough estimate of the area that this ride will cover. I am leaning toward a track layout and setup similar to Disneyland's Autopia (current 2000-present track), but with wider track lanes like WDW's Indy Speedway.

    3.) Buzz Lightyear's Astro-Blasters (FP): This ride is similar to Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin at WDW, but a MUCH improved ride, and with 3-D animatronics instead of the 2-D cutout-like figures on SRS! Also, Astro-Blasters takes up a lot less space. Tokyo Disneyland currently has Buzz Lightyear's Astro-Blasters, and Disneyland (Anaheim) just got this ride recently!

    4.) Cosmic Waves
    5.) Discoveryland PeopleMover
    6.) Discoveryland Railroad Station
    7.) Discoveryland Theatre

    8.) The Earth:
    The Earth is a completely original attraction, which gives guests a visual and interactive journey through the Earth's wonders, with an emphasis on people and animals' relationship with the Earth on which they live. The Earth is somewhat like EPCOT's The Land, but with little or no emphasis on food! Among the attractions include:
    a.) Behind the Seeds (or something similar), possibly with a new name. (can anyone think of a new name?) The small rectangles in a row below the building are actually rows of greenhouses.
    b.) Circle of Life: This may be the same show seen at The Land, but I included it here since it fits The Earth's theming very well!
    c.) The Earth Ride: This is a mechanical ride which goes into The Earth's theming. I may incorporate a few features of Journey to the Center of the Earth into this ride!
    d.) a multi-story rain forest habitat, which includes exotic plants, birds, small animals, waterfalls, and large elaborate rock formations!

    9.) Imageworks: This is basically a smaller, scaled-down version of the Imageworks area at EPCOT's Journey Into Imagination, which some of the same attractions as well as a number of original ones. In addition to a preshow with Dreamfinder and Figment, here are a couple of attractions which will be included here:
    a.) Stepping Tones: Since this is a favorite at EPCOT, I decided to throw this in as well!
    b.) The Rainbow Corridor: This is an attraction I always wanted to see, but never will since it was recently taken out, IIRC!

    The rainbow corridor is seen in the background of this photo.

    10.) Carousel of Progress: Yes, you read that right! The all-time Disney classic Carousel of Progress is moving in from Walt Disney World, which very likely will be taken out there. Evidence of CoP closure comes from several sources, including Jim Hill as well as the website, which says that permanently closing CoP at WDW is inevitable! This is also futher evident in the WDW running Carousel of Progress seasonally and at limited hours.

    In addition, I'll place a stipulation that Carousel of Progress would have to be open year-round and can NEVER close permanently, unless the attraction was completely destroyed by a natual disaster or something like that!

    11.) The Living Seas: which includes
    a.) Carribean Coral Reef Ride (no longer at EPCOT!)
    b.) Sea Base Alpha

    12.) Space Mountain (FP): This Space Mountain ride will be 141 feet tall and 200 feet in diameter (WDW's is 183 feet X 300 feet and Disneyland's is 117 feet X 200 feet), and use the exterior design of Space Mountain at Disneyland Paris, which includes the metallic gold roof with turquoise trim and neon lights; but with no external launch tunnel that goes up the roof, since it didn't fit my Space Mountain's track layout at all! This was chosen, since EVERY other Space Mountain has the same white roof with plain, white beams (Disneyland's was repainted white earlier this year after being turquoise, gold, and bronze for 6 years, and Hong Kong Disneyland's SM will be white as well; modeled directly after Disneyland and Tokyo Disneyland's ride). Also, the Disneyland Paris exterior design would fit in MUCH better with the EPCOT Future World-like attractions I have in Discoveryland!

    The track layout will be basically the same as Disneyland's (and Tokyo Disneyland's) ride (a longer single-track ride with side-by-side seating as opposed to WDW's 2 tracks and in-line seats), but with a few of the less-intense features of Disneyland Paris' Space Mountain track; for example, the ride through asteriods! The ride's intensity will remain the same as Disneyland's, however, since Space Mountain at Disneyland Paris seems a bit intense to fit into a Magic Kingdom-like park to me, particularly in a U.S. theme park.

    13.) Stitch Encounter: This is a slightly modified and MUCH improved version of Stitch's Great Escape at WDW's Magic Kingdom.

    14.) The Visionarium: This a great 360° cinema where you travel the world with Jules Verne and the Timekeeper, an animatronic character who narrates you through the adventure; which basically is a MUCH superior version of The Timekeeper at WDW's Magic Kingdom!

    Here are my lists of shops and restaurants for Discoveryland:

    Food & Restaurants:

    A.) Auntie Gravity's Galactic Goodies
    B.) Club Buzz
    C.) Coral Reef Restaurant (inside The Living Seas)
    D.) Figment's Espresso & Bakery (inside Imageworks)
    E.) Global Grill (inside The Earth):
    F.) Lunching Pad a Rockettower Plaza (at base of Astro-Orbiter)
    G.) Redd Rockett's Pizza Port
    H.) Stellar Sweets


    1.) Autopia Winner's Circle
    2.) Earth's Treasure (inside The Earth)
    3.) Imageworks Shop (inside Imageworks)
    4.) Merchant of Venus
    5.) Mickey's Star Traders
    6.) Planet M

    If anyone has questions, comments, and/or suggestions, please feel free to post! :mickey:

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    Exclamation Mickey's Toontown

    I have here my map for Mickey's Toontown. Since Toontown is small, I was able to list rides, attractions, shops, and restaurants on one map! Here is my map, with what I have there. Once again, rides and attractions denoted with (FP) use the FastPass service:

    1.) Chip 'N Dale's Treehouse
    2.) Courthouse, featuring Toontown Courtroom: This is an 3-D CGI cartoon much like Mickey's Philharmagic, but with an interactive twist, in which Roger is the judge, Goofy is the bailiff, and YOU in the audience are the jury!
    3.) Disneyland Railroad Station
    4.) Donald's Boat: This boat sits on real water, unlike the blue plastic pad used at Disneyland and WDW!
    5.) Goofy's Barnstomer: located at Goofy's Wiseacre Farm, and actually has live plants growing under it!

    6.) Goofy's Gas
    7.) Jolly Trolley

    8.) Ludwig Von Drake's House of Genius: which is an interactive learing center based on Ludwig Von Drake's laboratory.
    9.) Mickey's House

    10.) Mickey's Movie Barn: which consists of The Prop Department, stocked with various props and costume from Mickey's cartoons; The Screening Room, where Mickey's cartoons are screen; as well as the soundstage room where Mickey meets and greets guests, complete with photo and autograph opportunities! This is basically the same as its Disneyland counterpart, and can only be entered from Mickey's House.

    11.) Mickey's Toontown Fountain
    12.) Minnie's House
    13.) Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin (FP)

    14.) Roger's Fountain
    15.) Scrooge McDuck's Money Bin: This is a play area and walkthrough attraction based on Scrooge McDuck's immense money bin!
    16.) Toontown City Hall: This is primarily a character greeting area, with three air-conditioned rooms where various Disney characters meet and greet guests!
    17.) Toontown Post Office: where various characters have their own post boxes, in which they can be heard speaking as their mailboxes are opened!

    The areas marked with an F contain various façades, such as the Toontown School and 3rd Little Piggy Bank, for example.

    Here is my list of shops and restaurants:

    Food & Restauants:

    A.) Clarabelle's Frozen Yogurt
    B.) Daisy's Snack Wagon
    C.) Dinghy Drinks
    D.) Goofy's Free-Z-Time: Located in a vacation trailer parked on Goofy's Wiseacre Farm by the Barnstormer, Goofy's Free-Z-Time dispenses large frozen slurpy drinks.
    E.) Huey, Dewey, and Louie's Goodtime Café
    F.) Mickey's Trailer
    G.) Pluto's Dog House: similar to its Disneyland counterpart, but housed in a separate building shaped like a dog house! Pluto's Dog House serves hot dogs, chicken nuggets, french fries, and Pluto's Crispie Treats (which are Rice Krispies treats shaped like dog bones).

    H.) Toon Pop: serving both regular and caramel-flavored popcorn.
    I.) Toon Up Treats (located inside Goofy's Gas)


    1.) Gag Factory
    2.) Toontown Delivery Company
    3.) Toontown 5 and Dime
    4.) Toontown Fire Station: which sells a wide variety of Mickey Mouse firefighter sovenirs and a variety of 101 Damations merchandise. This is basically what is sold at the Main Street Fire Station at WDW; whereas the Main Street Fire Station in this park will still have the antique fire engine and firefighter equipment which was taken out of WDW's Fire Station (I think).

    If anyone has questions, comments, and/or suggestiong, plese feel free to post!

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    Exclamation Beauty and the Beast Castle

    This is my drawing of Beauty and the Beast Castle from the Magic Kingdom theme park in my proposed Disney theme park resort.

    Beauty and the Beast Castle is modeled largely after Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Paris, but with many features and designs taken from the 1991 animated movie, such as domed ballroom on the left-hand side. In addition, the castle also takes a number of features from Mad Ludwig's Castle in Neuschwanstein, Germany; which Sleeping Beauty's Castle at Disneyland was directly modeled after, and Cinderella's Castle at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom has may features from Mad Ludwig's Castle as well. One of these features was the elaborate window pane similar to the on Cinderella Castle's at WDW and Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland, which is placed placed on the top story of Beauty and the Beast Castle as well! The upper part of the castle with this window pane was made a story higher, and the big tower was also raised higher to keep the castle in its correct proportion. A second observation balcony was placed near the top of the big tower as well (both Disneyland's and WDW's castles have two balconies on their big towers). I also placed a clock where DLP's Castle has some kind of window-like structure on the entranceway roof.

    The castle's height was calculated as approximately 160-170 feet in height-- roughly halfway between the heights of Cinderella Castle at WDW (189 feet) and Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Paris (142 feet). The color scheme is basically the same as DLP's Castle, as well as more fairytale-ish/unreal looking like DLP's Castle is compared to the other Disney theme park castles! I enclosed a photo below for a comparison:

    If anyone has questions, comments, and/or suggestions, please feel free to post! I really look forward to hearing from you! :mickey:

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    Exclamation Parades for my Magic Kingdom park

    Here are the parades I planned on for my Magic Kingdom park as of opening day:

    1.) Afternoon Parade: Not sure, even though I am kind of partial to the snowglobes at the Share a Dream Come True parade at WDW's MK, and I'm not to familar with Disneyland's Parade of Stars. However, I'm sure that this parade will be something entirely different anyway!

    2.) Night Time Parade: an updated version of Main Street Electrical Parade, which previously ran at Disneyland, WDW's Magic Kingdom, Tokyo Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, and currently runs in a modified version at California Adventure. However, the parade floats will have better, more up-to-date floats with fiberoptic lights, very much like the DreamLights! floats used at Tokyo Disneyland. In case anyone's not familiar with DreamLights!, it's a 21st century spin-off of MSEP currently running at Tokyo Disneyland. More information, along with parade videos, can be found at the following URL:

    The updated MSEP will used the original Baroque Hoedown theme song used in MSEP and Disney's Electrical Parade at California Adventure (DreamLights! uses an orchestrated version of Baroque Hoedown instead of the original version), which will be interspersed with at various times with songs from the respective Disney films represented in the parade floats. Here is a sound file of this tune:

    The parade will run roughly the same time length as the original MSEP (approx. 23 minutes). Oddly enough, DreamLights! runs in the same time length, more or less, but with nearly twice as many floats! I'm not sure how they do this, possibly with shorter parade gaps between floats. I added a few additional float units to the parade to the original lineup, but less than DreamLights! added to theirs.

    Now, onto my parade:


    (Lights dim around parade route just before start)

    [Soundtrack: "Electric Fanfare" by Don Dorsey]

    A synthesized-like voice says, "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Disneyland (name of park's location)'s Magic Kingdom proudly presents our spectacular pagaent of nighttime magic and imagination in thousands of sparkling lights and electrosynthomagnetic musical sounds, The Main Street Electrical Parade!"

    ["Fanfare of Lights" by Don Dorsey]

    [Main Street Electrical Parade soundtrack begins, with Baroque Hoedown by Jean-Jacques Perry and Gershon Kingsley]

    1.) BLUE FAIRY

    For this and all existing parade units within the Main Street Electrical Parade, see the MSEP script at , since these parade units will be exactly the same, scriptwise, as the original parade. The new units will be described when I get to them.

    2.) CASEY JR. CIRCUS TRAIN, with Goofy in the engine cab, pulling a big drum that alternates between saying "Disneyland (name of park's location)'s Magic Kingdom presents" and "Main Street Electrical Parade". With the improved, fiberoptic lighting, the drum sign will be composed of numerous bulbs as opposed to the flashing neon sign of the original-- much like the DreamLights! drum float sign, in a Las Vegas-like manner. Also, the "Presents" sign will use the theme park resorts actual logo (much like the blue script-like lettering in Disneyland's (Anaheim) logo, and the red Walt Disney World logo with the "mouse ears" globe), due to the improved lighting. Mickey and Minnie ride the drum float, as usual. :mickey:

    3.) ALICE IN WONDERLAND: same as original MSEP, see script in above URL

    4.) WINNIE THE POOH: This is similar to the DreamLights! float, with Winnie the Pooh and friends on a small float around the famous Honey Tree. This float is followed by dancers in bee costumes, dancing to the song "Winnie the Pooh", which plays as the bee dancers pass by.
    Here is a midi file:

    5.) CINDERELLA: same as original MSEP

    6.) PETER PAN: same as original, with Hook's pirate ship The Jolly Roger, and Smee's rowboat following behind.

    7.) ALADDIN: This is basically a small float designed like a magic carpet in the front an middle sections. Aladdin and Jasmine ride on the magic carpet. A giant blue lighted Genie appears in the back. With this float, the music shifts from Baroque Hoedown to "A Whole New World", and then back to Baroque Hoedown as the float passes. Here is a midi file of "A Whole New World":

    The Aladdin unit was entirely my own creation, and has never appeared in MSEP, Spectromagic, DreamLights!, or anywhere for that matter!

    8.) DUMBO: same as original MSEP

    9.) SNOW WHITE: ditto

    10.) PINOCCHIO: ditto

    11.) BEAUTY AND THE BEAST: similar to the DreamLights! unit, broken up into two small floats. First, we have a "desert cart" float with Lumière, accompanied by dancers dressed as waiters and waitresses to the song "Beauty and the Beast". Here is a midi file:

    The second float replicates the castle's ballroom, with Belle and Vincent (Vincent, Belle's prince, appears in The Magic Kingdom, whereas the Beast appears at Disney Studios only, due to the presence of the post-transformation castle in The Magic Kingdom) dancing to the song "Beauty and the Beast".
    Here is a midi file:

    12.) PETE'S DRAGON: same as original MSEP

    13.) IT'S A SMALL WORLD: This is an abbreviated version of the DreamLights! IASW unit, broken up into two floats, with live Cast Members dressed at IASW dolls (face characters) in lighted costumes, singing (possibly lip-synching) and dancing to the song it's a small world. The music shifts from Baroque Hoedown to it's a small world, reverting back to Baroque Hoedown about 2/3 of the way throught the second float. Here is a midi file:

    The first float will be a showboat, and the second float is a combination of the sun and moon floats from DreamLights! into one longer float. Both IASW floats have various Disney characters riding them while the IASW characters sing and dance; among them, Donald and the 3 Amigos, Pluto, Roger Rabbit, The 3 Little Pigs, Mary Poppins and Bert, plus a few others!

    14.) TO HONOR AMERICA: similar to the original MSEP unit. Chip & Dale appear in front of this float, along with the All-American Girls in red, white, and blue outfits.

    -- PARADE ENDS --

    If anyone has questions, comments, and/or suggestions, please feel free to post! :mickey:
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    Exclamation Disney Studios theme park (rides and attractions)

    I have here my list of rides and attractions for Disney Studios, which is my second theme park in my proposed Disney theme park resort. Disney Studios consists of four soundstages (with room for expansion if/when the need for more soundstages ever comes up), plus two additional studios in a building together designed specifically for Television Production called ABC-Disney Channel Studios. In addition, Disney Studios will include a backlot (complete with Residential Street and Catastrophe Canyon), an animation studio, as well as the Earfell Tower, which is an actual working water tower for the studio and park, unlike Disney-MGM's oversized prop! Here is what I now have:

    Rides/attractions denoted by (FP) will use the FastPass service.

    1.) American Film Institute Showcase

    2.) Cinemagic Special Effects Stage
    (FP): This is a live stage show focusing on special effects for TV and motion pictures; which also includes audience participation in a number of segments!

    3.) Disney Sound Studio: At The Disney Sound Studio, guests add sound effects to various Disney cartoons! This is an almost completely "hands-on" attraction, unlike the Sounds Dangerous show with Drew Carey, which currently runs at Disney-MGM.

    4.) The Great Movie Ride: Although similar to The Great Movie Ride at Disney-MGM, this ride will have primarily different scenes from its Disney-MGM counterpart. I was planning on having primarily different scenes from Disney-MGM's GMR. So far, the only scenes I can think of which will remain the same are The Wizard of Oz and Singing In the Rain. Fantasia will be considerably longer, with a somewhat longer sequence with Mickey as The Sorcerer's Apprentice, and maybe another short scene or two. For the other Fantasia scenes (which will be considerably shorter than The Sorcerer's Apprentice), I was leaning towards one of the Nutcracker scenes; possibly either The Chinese Dance with the mushrooms or The Russian Dance with the thistles-- or possible even both! Here are a couple of midi files of these songs:

    Chinese Dance:
    Russian Dance:

    Mary Poppins will remain as well, but with a completely different scene. Disney-MGM's ride uses the Chim Chim Cher-ee scene, whereas mine will use the Supercalafragilisticexpilaladocious musical number scene from Mary Poppins. Here is a midi file, in case you're not familar with the song, and for your listening enjoyment even if you are!

    As for the other scenes, not sure yet. However, I will replace the Hollywood Musical scene from Disney-MGM's GMR. Disney-MGM's ride has the By a Waterfall musical number from Footlight Parade (1933). In its place, my GMR will use the We're In the Money musical number scene from Gold Diggers of 1933. Here is a URL with song lyrics and an attached midi file:

    5.) The Great Muppet Movie Ride: This is basically a spoof of the Great Movie Ride; where The Muppets give riders their takes on various classic motion pictures; such as Frankenstein, The Wizard of Oz, and Peter Pan, just to name a few; aong with an original entitled Pigs In Space: The Movie. Also, about halfway throught the ride, we'll re-create the HILARIOUS scene from The Muppet Movie, where the films jams in the projector and breaks halfway through the movie! In this scene, Kermit asks what happened, and The Swedish Chef (who is also the projectionist) responds, with film wrapped all over his body! Here is a sound byte of this scene:

    The Great Muppet Movie Ride was in fact planned for Disney-MGM, but was put off due to Jim Henson's death in 1990.

    6.) Hyperion Theatre: This is a large theater designed much like a movie palace cinema from the Golden Era of Hollywood. Hyperion Theatre presents a multi-character (using characters from various Disney cartoons together) similar (but not exactly the same!) to the show currently running on The Disney Cruise Line-- especially since I have heard a lot of good things about that show!

    7.) Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular (FP): I know Disney-MGM has this, but I decided to include Indy since I think that this is one of their very best shows!

    8.) Jim Henson's Muppet*Vision 3-D (FP)

    9.) Lights, Motors, Action! (FP): This more than likely will have a number differences to Disney-MGM's and the Walt Disney Studios (Paris) show. But then, since no one has seen Disney-MGM's motor stunt show yet, who knows!

    10.) The Magic of Disney Animation: This is an actual working animation studio, which produces and demonstrates for guests 3 different types of animation!:
    a.) 3-D Computer Animation (hopefully, a facility which would rival Pixar or Dreamworks!)
    b.) Cel Animation
    c.) Computer Animation

    The tour begins in the Disney Animation Theater, where guests will be greeted by their tour guide, and treated to a whimsical explanation of how Disney animators bring characters to life, . This segment is co-hosted by various Disney characters, in a film/video who join the tour guide in the pre-show in introducing the magic of Disney animation to the guests, each representing their respective type of animation! The tour guide even talks back and forth with the characters, giving the impression that they're actually interacting with these characters! Here are the characters assisting the tour guide(s) in the preshow:

    a.) Traditional Cel Cartoon Animation: Peter Pan, along with Tinker Bell (who provides healthy doses of Pixie Dust and other effects of animation magic!) This segment is also a bit of a holdover from the original preshow at Disney-MGM, and may include a number of similarities as well!

    b.) 3-D Computer Animation: Buzz Lightyear

    c.) Clay Animation: Clay, a little boy made of a ball of yellow clay (hence the name!), who periodically shows up on Playhouse Disney on the Disney Channel!

    After the preshow, the tour guide takes the guests on an extensive tour of the facility, where animators can be shown at work! After that, the tour guide takes the guests to an interactive area, where guests can learn a few tricks of the animation trade! IIRC, the animation studio at Walt Disney Studios (Paris) has an interactive area like this one.

    11.) Monsters, Inc. dark ride

    12.) Playhouse Disney: Live on Stage!

    A VERY intense indoor roller coaster similar to Rock & Roller Coaster at Disney-MGM, but with a different track layout and theme. I was seriously considering a Disney Villians theme to the ride! For the most intense part of the ride, I would use Malificent, who would say something menacing to the riders and then turn into a fire-breathing dragon; while riders take a VERY sharp and steep inversion to avoid here! (FP)

    14.) Star Tours (FP)

    15.) Studio Tour: Behind the Scenes

    16.) That's Entertainment! Hollywood Gallery:
    This is similar to The Disney Gallery in this theme park resort's Magic Kingdom and The Main Street Gallery and Town Square Exposition Hall in WDW's Magic Kingdom; but focuses on Hollywood and the entertainment industry in general. That's Entertainment! Hollywood Gallery includes various Hollywood-related exhibits, artifacts, and memorabilia.

    17.) Tron: The Ride (FP): This ride is based on the 1982 motion picture Tron, which will be designed as a dark ride with a few interactive elements much like Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin and the early 1980's Tron arcade game-- which was also based on the movie.

    18.) Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (FP)

    19.) Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Play It!

    PARADE: Disney Studios will feature a Hollywood-themed parade similar to the Lights, Camera, Action! parade at Walt Disney Studios (Paris). Like the WDS parade, this parade will use actual parade floats instead of the antique cars used in Disney-MGM's parade. One of the most memorable floats from the Walt Disney Studios parade, which will also be used here, is a giant movie projector float with Tinker Bell sitting in front of the projector's lens!

    In addition, the parade at Disney Studos will include Hollywood-theme songs/show tunes such as Hooray For Hollywood, There's No Business Like Show Business, You Ought to Be in Pictures, and That's Entertainment!; just to name a few!

    Last but certainly not least, Disney Studios runs the Sorcery In the Sky fireworks show every night. :mickey:

    I also have here a list of possible lands/streets for Disney Studios:

    1.) Animation Courtyard
    2.) The Backlot
    3.) Hollywood Boulevard
    4.) Muppets Courtyard (which includes The Great Muppet Movie Ride and Muppet*Vision 3-D)
    5.) New York Street
    6.) Production Courtyard
    7.) Sunset Boulevard

    As for the layout, I may get started on my maps soon, but haven't come up with anything yet. One thing I wanted to do was make my Disney Studios park easier to navigate that Disney-MGM or Walt Disney Studios, and with fewer dead ends in the layout. So far, I am considering having the studios on the left side instead of the right where Disney-MGM places theirs, to make it different. Also, I was considering placing the backlot/Residential Street/Catastrophe Canyon in the back behind the studios on the left, and placing Lights, Motors, Action! in the back, but on the right side, parallel with Catastrophe Canyon. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions concerning the layout of my Disney Studios park, please post them here! All other questions comments, and or suggestions are welcome too.

    I look forward to hearing from you! :mickey:

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    Exclamation Disney Studios: shops & restaurants

    Here are my lists of shops and restaurants for my Disney Studios theme park:


    1.) Annette's: Annette's is a tribute to Annette Funicello and her movies, TV shows and appearances, as well as her musical recordings and her life in general. The restaurant will be deisgned like a combination 1950's soda/malt shop (complete with black & white checkered floors) and Planet Hollywood, but focusing on Annette and her career instead of the time period like 50's Prime-Time Café at Disney-MGM, since the 1950's only covered a small part of her career in the entertainment industry! The dining hall will be adorned with various Annette Funicello-related items and memorabilia, and TV sets will be placed at each table/booth much like 50's Prime-Time Café-- but showing segments from Annette's TV and motion picture appearances. The menu will include sort of what you'd find somewhere like Planet Hollywood or Ruby Tuesday, but also with a large percentage of Italian dishes (obviously!) on the menu. A must would be Italian Cheesecake with ricotta for the dessert menu, which was concocted by Annette's mother, Virginia Funicello, herself! This bit of trivia comes from The Official Mickey Mouse Club Book by Lorraine Santoli

    Oddly enough, I recently discovered that Disneyland Paris has a restaurant called Annette's, but theirs is only a 1950's Diner bearing no relation to Annette Funicello and her career, except in name only! Very much unlike the restaurant I planned for my Disney Studios theme park.

    Now that we've discussed the restaurant Annette's, let's get to a more serious subject. This is a wish I would like to make for the opening of my proposed Disney theme park resort I designed, if/when Disney ever actually builds this park. (hopefully!) My wish is that a cure for MS will be found by the theme park resort's opening day, or that at least her MS symptoms will go into remission, so that Annette Funicello would be able to appear at and enjoy my new Disney theme park resort as well as the restaurant I deisgned in her honor! Even if my Disney theme park never gets built, I still would like to have the same occur sometime very soon!

    2.) Backlot Express
    3.) Dinosaur Gertie's: Ice Cream of Extinction
    4.) Fairfax Market: Similar to it's California Adventure counterpart at Hollywood Pictures Backlot, the Fairfax Market offfers a healthy selection of fresh fruit, vegetables, and soft drinks; for guests who want a guilt-free snack!

    5.) Holllywood Brown Derby
    6.) Hollywood & Vine: Similar to its Disney-MGM counterpart, Hollywood & Vine also features a character lunch buffet from 11:30am to 2:45pm; with Minnie, Daisy (both wearing Hollywood Starlet outfits), Goofy (in a gangster outfit), Pluto, Chip and Dale.

    7.) In the Wings Restaurant: Contrary to popular belief, En Coulisse does not mean In Slide in English, but In the Wings! Similar to the Walt Disney Studios En Coulisse Restaurant in Paris, In the Wings Restaurant is themed to a movie set backstage area, with immense façades on the exterior resembling a large, colorful movie set! Once again, the restaurant's decor inside will give customers the impression of a behind-the-scenes look at a movie set and discovering the secrets of the movie supposedly being shot here! This counter service restaurant seats 670 people on two floors, offering a stunning view over Hollywood Boulevard!

    8.) Planet Gonzo: This Muppets-themed restaurant is basically a spoof of Planet Hollywood, supposedly owned by Gonzo. Planet Gonzo sits in the Muppets-themed land with The Great Muppet Movie Ride, Muppet*Vision 3-D, and Rizzo's Prop and Pawn Shop (which I'll get to in my list of shops).

    9.) Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater: Basically, this is similar to the restaurant at Disney-MGM. However, some of the film clips shown onscreen may be different from Disney-MGM's restaurant.

    10.) Soundstage Restaurant: Similar to the former Disney-MGM restaurant (where Playhouse Disney: Live on Stage is currently), Soundstage Restaurant is loosely themed to a movie wrap party. Soundstage Restaurant also features a character breakfast each morning; with Minnie, Pluto, Lilo, Stitch, Esmerelda, and Mulan.

    11.) Starring Rolls Café: This is a bakery/restaurant serving fresh baked rolls, pasteries, muffins, crossants, plus much more; much like its Disney-MGM countrepart.

    12.) Studio Catering Company
    13.) Sunset Confectionery: a sweet shop selling candy, cookies, fudge, caramel appels, and other snack treats; plus M&M plush toys!

    14.) Toluca Legs Turkey Company: selling turkey legs, as well as french fries, foot-long hot dogs, baked potatoes with toppings, and soft pretzels.

    15.) Toy Story Pizza Planet Arcade: This is basically a video arcade which also serves pizza and other foods, similar to its Disney-MGM counterpart.

    Here is my list of shops from my Disney Studios theme park:

    1.) American Film Institute Showcase Shop
    2.) Ariel's Nautical Treasures: Themed to the treasure cave inside Ariel's home in The Little Mermaid, this shop offers a wide variety of merchandise featuring Ariel, Sebastian, Flounder, and friends; along with other nautical/ocean-themed items, such as bathing suits, beach balls, surfboards, towels; among other things! Ariel's Treasures is located in the Animation Courtyard.

    3.) Cover Story: This is a small area located just through The Darkroom, where guests can have their picture placed on the front cover of a large choice of popular magazines; such as Life, Cosmpolitan, Sports Illustrated, Entertainment Weekly, Time; and of course, Disney Magazine! Costumes and appropriate accessories are provided by the shop.

    4.) Crossroads of the World: I know Disney-MGM has this, but it seems like an especially appropriate shop for this theme park to me! Located in the middle of the entrance plaza, Crossroads of the World sells pins, some sovernirs, and guidemaps. This is also the place to stop if you'll need to rent a locker

    5.) The Darkroom
    6.) Days Gone By Vintage Clothing: which is a shop selling period, vintage and/or retro-clothing from eras gone by; such as the Renaissance, Old West, 1920's through 1970's, etc.

    7.) Disney Studio Store
    8.) The Disney Vault: which is basically a store full of Disney videos and DVD's, as Disney-themed musical CD's, video games, and computer CD-Rom games and programs; such as Walt Disney World Explorer and even my yet-unnamed Disney theme park resort Explorer for that matter!

    9.) Gone Hollywood: This boutique parodies the shopping styles of Hollywood's rich and famous, where you'll find what is hot and current in Hollywood's merchandise; such as at-home spa and sleepover kits, costumes, and over-the-top cosmetics and accessories! This is basically the same as the Gone Hollywood shop at Disney's California Adventure.

    10.) In Character: This is basically a Disney-themed costume store, with costumes of various Disney characters for both children and adults!

    11.) Indiana Jones Outpost Take 2: This shop near the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular show offers basically the same merchandise as Indiana Jones Adventure, but with more of an emphasis on movie-related merchandise such as videos, DVD's, movie fan magazines. Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost, across from Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Crystal Skull ride in my MK-like park's Adventureland, sells the same merchandise, but emphasizes toys, clothing, hats, sovernirs, and other nic-nacs and has less of the merchandise that Outpost Take 2 emphasizes mentioned above!

    12.) The Looney Bin: Located between the Backstage Studio Tour and Special Effects and Production Tour, this shop features lots of Roger Rabbit merchandise and gag gifts, as well as hands-on fun in the form of props from the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)!

    13.) Mickey's of Hollywood
    14.) Mickey Mouse Club Store: Located next to Annette's, The Mickey Mouse Club Store sells a wide variety of merchandise related to the classic 1955-59 TV series Mickey Mouse Club, as well as merchandise from, the lesser-known 1977-79 and 1989-95 runs of the Mickey Mouse Club. Merchandise includes books, clothing, CD's, videos, DVD's, and other sovenirs. This is also the place to get the ever-famous "mouse ears" hats, which originated on the Mickey Mouse Club! Other Disney-related hats; such as the Donald Duck, Goofy, and Peter Pan hats sold inside the Disney theme parks; can be purchased here as well!

    15.) Off the Page: Located adjacent to The Magic of Disney Animation, Off the Page features various Disney animation-related items; such a cels, limited-edition prints, figurines, and a large selection of books about Disney history, art, and especially animation!

    16.) On Broadway: a shop selling various Broadway, stage, and theater-themed merchandise, sovernirs, and memorabilia

    17.) Once Upon a Time: The exterior of this shop replicates the Carthay Circle Theatre in Hollywood, where Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs premiered in 1937. This shop specializes in holiday items, with an emphasis on Christmas. For a fee, a Disney artist will customize a character sketch for you.

    18.) Pixar Store: This shop sells toys, clothing, videos, and other Pixar-related sovernirs from movies such as A Bug's Life, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Monsters Inc., and Toy Story. The Pixar Store is located in the Animation Courtyard.

    19.) Pluto's Toy Palace
    20.) Rizzo's Prop and Pawn Shop: This wares at this wacky gift shop reflect the Muppets' irreverent sense of humor. Clothes, toys, aand souvenirs featuring Kermit, Miss Piggy, Gonzo, Fozzie, and other familiar Muppets are for sale here. Rizzo's Prop and Pawn Shop is located in the Muppets-themed area alongside The Great Muppet Movie Ride, Muppet*Vision 3-D, and Planet Gonzo.

    21.) Tinseltown Jewlers: which sells a large selection of jewelry and character-watches (mostly Mickey Mouse watches), including limited-edition pieces of jewelry and pocket watches. A Disney artist can customize character watches on the spot!

    22.) Top Hat Pharmacy: I was seriously considering a shop modeled after Schwab's Drugstore, where Hollywood legend says Lana Turner was discovered! Turns out not only that Universal Studios Orlando has a Schwab's Pharmacy, but Lana Turner wasn't even discovered at Schwab's at all; she was actually discovered at Top Hat Café, across from Hollywood High! This information came from Lana Turner's Official website, no less!:

    Upon combining legend with reality, I came up with the name Top Hat Pharmacy. I decided on a drugstore since I already have enough restaurants as is, and people are more familiar with the drugstore story anyway! Top Hat will sell merchandise similar to Celebrity 5 & 10 at Disney-MGM; such as lamps, candles, aprons, bath items, and Mickey ice cube trays, plus items that can be personalized! Some drug store items are sold here as well, especially items that might be needed for park guests; such as over-the-counter headache, sinus, cough, and heartburn remidies, Band-Aids, Neosporin and other topical ointments, and Dramanine-- especially for guests itent on spending the whole day on rides such as Twilight Zone Tower of Terror! In addition, there's an drug store snack counter selling; among other things, fountain sodas, egg creams, and various other snack one might except to find from an old-fashioned drug store counter like this one!

    23.) Tower of Terror Shop
    24.) Traders of Endor (next to Star Tours)
    25.) Villians in Vogue: This shop sells sovenirs, toys, and clothing faeturing your favorite Disney Villians, and is located adjacent to the yet-unnamed Disney Villians indoor roller coaster, which is similar to Rock&Roller Coaster at Disney-MGM.

    26.) Walk of Fame: a Hollywood/Celebrity Memorabilia shop similar to Sid Cahuenga's One-Of-A-Kind, but considerably larger and with more of an emphasis on Hollywood and the entertainment industry and slightly less on the One-Of-A-Kind theme! Sid's 1-of-a-Kind at Disney-MGM is a small shop within the entrance plaza, as far as I know.

    27.) The Writer's Stop: Since I added Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater, I decided to throw in it's accompanying shop as well! This cozy nook has fresh brewed coffee and other beverages such as hot chocolate and soft drinks; as well as CD's, sovenirs, and a small selection of reading material-- plus snacks such as fresh-baked cookies!

    28.) a shop selling comic books (including old comic books which are real collectors items!) and movie/TV related magazines, similar to the now-gone Lakeside Newsstand formerly at Disney-MGM

    If anyone has questions, comments, and/or suggestions, please feel free to post!

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    Exclamation Downtown Disney

    I have here my lists of shops, restaurants, and entertainment establishments for Downtown Disney at my proposed Disney theme park resort.

    I was considering a layout for Downtown Disney which would be sort of a combination of Disneyland's Downtown Disney and the proposed Disneyland Plaza (similar to Downtown Disney) that was planned for DLR about 10 years ago but scrapped along with WestCOT (which had shops, restuarants, and entertainment venues around a lake), but with more room for future expansion. Also, my Downtown Disney is located on a central hub between the two parks; unlike WDW's Downtown Disney, which seems quite out of the way!

    In addition, there is a monorail stop between Downtown Disney Marketplace and Paradise Plaza; as the monorail is also connected to the two theme parks and all hotels, plus the campground!

    So far, my Downtown Disney has 43 establishments, 9 more than Disneyland's Downtown Disney in Anaheim, but 17 less than WDW's Downtown Disney (27 if you include the Boardwalk!)

    Here is what I have so far:


    Food & Restaurants:

    1.) Alfredo's of Rome (L'Originale Alfredo di Roma Ristorante)
    2.) Baskin-Robbins
    3.) Cinnamon Bay Bakery
    4.) Earl of Sandwich
    5.) Fulton's Crab House: this is actually located between Downtown Disney Marketplace and Paradise Plaza (listed below), near the monorail station stop on the Downtown Disney lake, in a riverboat-shaped building like WDW's acessable by bridge. In addition to its seafood menu for lunch and dinner, Fulton's Crab House also holds a character breakfast each morning (WDW's Fulton's Crab House had a character breakfast as well during the 1990's, and possibly earlier), with a buffet menu similar to Donald's Breakfastosarus at WDW's Animal Kingdom, but stripped of its dinosaur/prehistoric/safari theming!

    Characters at breakfast include Donald, Daisy, Scrooge McDuck, Mickey, Goofy, and Pluto. :mickey:

    6.) Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop
    7.) Marceline's Confectionery
    8.) McDonald's
    9.) Wetzel's Pretzels

    1) The Art of Disney
    2.) Basin (selling candles, soaps, and bath crystals; just to name a few items!)
    3.) Build-a-Bear Workshop
    4.) Disney at Home
    5.) Disney's Days of Christmas
    6.) Illuminations
    7.) LEGO Imagination Center
    8.) Liquid Planet (store selling beachwear and accessories)
    9.) Magnetron (selling an assortment of 50,000 magnets!)
    10.) Once Upon a Toy
    11.) Petals (selling a wide variety of leather goods, including jackets, handbags, and other accessories)
    12.) Silver & Gold Gallery
    13.) Team Mickey's Athletic Club
    14.) World of Disney


    Similar to Paradise Plaza at Disneyland in Anaheim, this is primarily Downtown Disney's entertainment district, with a few shops and restaurants:

    1.) AMC Theaters 24
    2.) Big Easy Jazz Kitchen
    3.) ¡Bongos Y Arriba! Latino Cafe: Jointly owned by Gloria Estefan and the management of Disneyland's ¡Y Arriba! ¡Y Arriba!, ¡Bongos Y Arriba! combined the best features of the two Dinner clubs, offering a global scope of Hispanic food and music from various Latin American countries!

    4.) Cheesecake Factory Express (located inside DisneyQuest)
    5.) Cirque du Soleil
    6.) DisneyQuest
    7.) ESPN Zone
    8.) House of Blues
    9.) Planet Hollywood
    10.) Rainforest Café
    11.) Wolfgang Puck Café

    1.) Borders Megastore (selling a wide variety of books, magazines, newpapers, music, videos, and DVD's)
    2.) Celebrity Eyeworks
    3.) DTV
    4.) Hoypoloi
    5.) House of Blues Company Store (adjacent to House of Blues)
    6.) Paradise Plaza Magic Shop (a magic shop, which also offers free demonstrations for the customers!)
    7.) Planet Hollywood: On Location (adjacent to Planet Hollywood)
    8.) Rainforest Shop (inside Rainforest Café)
    9.) Starabilias

    As for the nightclub district, nothing has been planned so far. Keep in my that my Disney theme park resort has been planned as more of a daytrip (ie: Disneyland) as opposed to an entire vacation destination like WDW. Also, my Downtown Disney list is for opening day, so there's no telling what else would show up here as the years go by; given profits and park attendance!

    If anyone here has questions, comments, and/or suggestions, please feel free to post; since I could use your feedback!

    I look forward to hearing from you! :mickey:

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    Exclamation Hotels for my Disney theme park resort

    This is my list of hotels which will be at my proposed Disney theme park resort as of opening day-- which will consist of four hotels plus a campground. Three of these hotels run in the Deluxe to Moderate price range ($133+ per night), while the 4th is a Value-priced resort ($77-$124 per night). These hotels are listed in order from most expensive/luxurious to least. Here is what I have so far:

    Disneyland Hotel: This is the crown jewel of the hotels in my proposed Disney theme park resort. The architecture is very much like that of the Grand Floridian, but the layout is more like that of Disneyland's Grand Californian, with all rooms in one building. Also, Disneyland Hotel has six floors instead the Grand Floridian's and the Grand Californian's (I think) five. A standard guest room spans 455 square feet, slightly larger than the standard guest rooms in the Grand Floridian; but there are also larger rooms and suites avaliable as well. The Disneyland Hotel also includes the Neverland Pool, based on the Disney animated movie Peter Pan (1953) -- similar to the pool at the Disneyland (Anaheim) Hotel, but larger to accomodate more guests.
    There are 751 rooms inside the Disneyland Hotel (the same number of rooms as the Grand Californian), which overlooks the Magic Kingdom theme park.

    Disney's Hollywood Hotel: This hotel overlooks the Disney Studios theme park, and has a Hollywood theme to it, with somewhat of a Disney focus. The Hollywood Hotel is quite similar to the Hollywood Hotel in the soon-to-open Hong Kong theme park, with its Art-Deco and Holywood Heyday architecture and design, but may include a few differences as well. There are 600 rooms inside Disney's Hollywood Hotel, the same number of rooms as its Hong Kong Disneyland counterpart.

    Here is a pic. of the Hollywood Hotel at the soon-to-open Hong Kong Disneyland theme park:

    Disney's Contemporary Resort: Overlooking the Discoveryland side of the Magic Kingdom, the Contemporary Resort is similar to its WDW counterpart, but with numerous differences as well. In addition to many different shops and restaurants, the conference rooms on the 3rd floor of WDW's Contemprary Resort will be inside the convention center building, since it would be a better location, I think. The convention center at WDW's Contemporary was built in 1991, 20 years after the hotel opened, with explains why the conference rooms are in the tower. Also, the building will be two window pane lengths longer than WDW's Contemporary tower (14 as opposed to WDW's 12), and all rooms are inside the tower, as no exterior wings have been built, at least not yet!

    Here is the floor arrangement for this hotel:

    Floor 1: Lobby/Food
    Floor 2 & 3: Shops & Restaurants (WDW's Contemporary has this on floors 2 & 4, with the conference rooms on floor 3)
    Floor 4: Guest Rooms & Monorail Station
    Floor 5-12, 14: Guest Rooms
    Floor 15: Not sure. WDW's has California Grill, but I will probably have something different. I am seriously considering a new, up-to-date version of Top of the World for the top floor, it this would work today!

    On the 3rd floor, Chef Mickey's offers character dining every day at Breakfast and Dinner. Characters include Mickey, Minnie, Donald (at Dinner), Goofy, Pluto (at Breakfast), Chip and Dale. :mickey:

    Despite the fact that WDW has the Contemporary, I chose this since I always found the Contemporary to be a facinating building to look at, especially with the monorail going right though the building! There are 512 rooms inside the Contemporary; which is 119 more rooms than WDW's has inside its tower, due to the elongation of the tower building and the relocation and better placement of the conference rooms!

    Disney's All-Stars Resort: Disney's All-Stars is similar to All-Star Movies at WDW, but focusing on the characters instead of their movies. This is our Value resort, with rooms spanning 320 square feet (as opposed to ASM's 260 square foot rooms). The All-Stars is broken up into 12 buildings, with 132 rooms in each building on three floors (in a T-shaped building like WDW's All-Star and Pop Century resorts), broken up into two buildings per theme. Here is what I have for Disney's All-Stars:

    1.) 101 Dalmations: even though this is the film's title, the 101 Dalmations are still the movie's main characters!
    2.) Buzz & Woody's: This is the Toy Story-themed area, but the name was changed for reasons mentioned above.
    3.) House of Mouse: This features the "Big 5" (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto); along with their frequent costars (Daisy, Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey, Louie, Chip & Dale, etc.). The House of Mouse also features the Duck Pond Pool, which includes a centerpiece of Donald and other duck costars shooting water pistols into the pool, much like the Calypso Pool's centerpiece at WDW's All-Star Music! There is also a small, shallower kiddie pool next to the main one. :mickey:
    4.) The Little Mermaid: once again, The Little Mermaid is the movie's main character, so the name of these inns refer to her as well. The Little Mermaid area also features our second pool, the Mermaid Lagoon; which also includes a small, shallower kiddie pool next to the main one as well!

    I chose The Little Mermaid for my 5th set of All-Stars inns, since I needed another swimming pool and The Little Mermaid would fit the theming of the 2nd pool quite well!

    5.) Pooh Corner: which features Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, Eeyore, et. al. Pooh Corner has 3 guest room buildings, to help even out the number of inns, or guest room buildings to a even number, and also since Pooh and the gang have a huge following as well!

    Disney's All-Stars has a total of 1,320 rooms, with room for building more inns whenever the time comes for expansion. The All-Stars Hall is the main building; which houses the offices, food court, snack bar, and lounge/bar.

    Disneyland Campground: Similar to Fort Wilderness at WDW, Disneyland Campground consists of 207 campsites, along with 110 cabins. This gives us a total of 317 "rooms", for lack of a better term!

    The 4 hotels and the campground give us a Grand Total of 3,500 rooms/cabins/campsites combined; about 1,000 more rooms than Disneyland's hotels in Anaheim, CA (not including the numerous neighboring non-Disney hotels/motels, with over 20 on Harbor Blvd. alone!), but only about 1/8-1/9 the 30,000 rooms/cabins/campsites WDW offers within its numerous resorts! Nevertheless, I think what I came up with for a new Disney theme park resort is sufficient. If anyone has questions, comments, and/or suggestions, please feel free to post! :mickey:

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    Exclamation Character Dining

    Here is my list of character meals which will be at my proposed Disney theme park resort as of opening day:


    Crystal Palace: Similar to its Walt Disney World and Tokyo Disneyland counterparts, The Crystal Palace is a buffet restaurant offering character meals at Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Guests are joined by Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, Rabbit, and Eeyore at all 3 meals!

    The Crystal Palace is located on Main Street, USA at the corner of Main Street and the central hub. Despite its Main Street, USA location, Crystal Palace can also be entered from Adventureland in the back! This would give guests the best of both "lands", since WDW's Crystal Palace can only be entered from Main Street and Tokyo's only from Adventureland!

    Global Grill: Located inside The Earth pavillion in Discoveryland, Global Grill holds an Ice Cream Social with Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Chip and Dale; daily at 3pm. :mickey:

    Liberty Tree Tavern: Similar to its WDW counterpart, Liberty Tree Tavern is located on Liberty Street (part of Main Street, USA), and offers character dining at Dinner. Guests are joined by Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, and Meeko.

    Lumière's: Located on the second floor of Beauty and the Beast Castle, Lumière's hosts a character breakfast similar to the one held at Cinderella's Royal Table in WDW's Magic Kingdom. Unlike Cinderella's Royal Table, Lumière's has 260 seats inside the dining hall as opposed to CRT's 130 seats, therefore making it easier to get Priority Seating!

    Characters include Belle, Cinderella, Snow White, Aladdin, Jasmine, and Peter Pan (inside the dining hall); along with Sleeping Beauty, who greets guests in the lobby.


    Hollywood & Vine: Similar to its Disney-MGM counterpart at WDW, Hollywood & Vine holds character Lunch buffet from 11:30AM to 2:45PM. (IIRC, Hollywood & Vine used to have character meals, but Disney-MGM discontinued all character dining in the park). Guests are joined by Minnie, Daisy (both wearing Hollywood Starlet Outfits), Goofy (in a gangster outfit), Pluto, Chip & Dale.

    Soundstage Restaurant: Much like the former Soundstage Restaurant at Disney-MGM in Orlando (the building was converted into the Playhouse Disney: Live on Stage theater), this restaurant is loosely themed to a movie wrap party. Soundstage Restaurant offers a character breakfast each morning, in which guests are joined by Minnie, Pluto, Lilo, Stitch, Esmerelda, and Mulan.


    Fulton's Crab House:

    Like its WDW's Downtown Disney counterpart, Fulton's Crab House is located inside a building shaped like a giant riverboat, which sits on water. At my Disney theme park resort, Fulton's Crab House sits on a waterway alongside Downtown Disney, at the end of Downdown Disney Marketplace right by Downtown Disney's center where DD Marketplace and DD Paradise Plaza (the entertainment district much like Disneyland's Downtown Disney has) join. The monorail stop for Downtown Disney is also located in the center of Downtown Disney as well.

    In addition to it's seafood menu for lunch and dinner, Fulton's Crab House also holds a character breakfast each morning, with a buffet menu similar to Donald's Breakfastosarus at WDW's Animal Kingdom, but stripped of its dinosaur/prehistoric theming. Characters include Donald, Daisy, Scrooge McDuck, Mickey, Goofy, and Pluto.


    1900 Park Faire:

    Breakfast: Alice, Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, Pinocchio, Mary Poppins, and Bert

    Afternoon Tea: This is a children's activity session as well for children 3-10 years old, much like the Wonderland Tea Party at WDW's 1900 Park Faire. Characters include Alice, the Mad Hatter, and the White Rabbit

    Dinner: Cinderella, Prince Charming, Fairy Godmother, Pinocchio, Geppetto and Jiminy Cricket.


    Chef Mickey's:

    Breakfast: Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, Chip & Dale

    Dinner: Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Chip & Dale.


    Roger's Buffeteria: Themed to the 1988 movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Roger's Buffeteria features character dining at Breakfast and Dinner, where Roger is joined by a wide variety of his Disney friends!

    Breakfast: Roger, Minnie, Goofy, Max, Rafiki, and Timon

    Dinner: Roger, Mickey, Donald, Pluto, Peter Pan, and Wendy

    If anyone has questions, comments, and/or suggestions, please feel free to post!

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