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Miscellaneous Discuss no planning in the News & Rumors forums; I had the urge this morning to just skip work and drive down to the world spend the night and come back home tomorrow . Has anybody else had this ...
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    no planning

    I had the urge this morning to just skip work and drive down to the world spend the night and come back home tomorrow . Has anybody else had this urge , did you act on it , and how was the trip (can anyone really be this spontaneous)

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    Re: no planning

    My DH and I were in Florida once but we were there for family reasons and had no plans of going to Disney but of course the urge got the better of us and without any reservations or anything we just drove there and we were lucky enough to get a room (I think it was in January), and we had a great time. We didn't stay that long but we got into the restaurants we wanted and parks were not to crowded. But I like planning, to me that is half the fun.
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    Re: no planning

    Since it is almost a ten hour drive for me, I have never been quite that spontaneous - but back in the day (before we had kids), we would decide to drive down and spend the weekend a couple of times. We would think about it on a Wednesday, get in the car Friday evening and drive all night, and be at rope drop Saturday morning. Then we would head over to a value resort and snag a room, play in the parks on Sunday and drive back Sunday night just in time for work on Monday.

    Those were the days!
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    Re: no planning

    I have those urges ALL the time. Of course, its a 2 day drive to Orlando... sometimes we even take 3 days. If I had the funds though I would totally fly there for a long weekend or something. I could leave at 5am and drive non-stop and maybe get there in less than 24 hours... but I might not be functioning enough for the parks after that haha

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    Re: no planning

    Well not the same day but I have done this twice.

    Once on 4 days notice and we were on a plane for an extended vacation.
    I had it with work. My work travel agency at the time was on our ground floor of our office tower next to O'Hare Field. Got tickets on my lunch hour, came back told my boss I was taking a mental health vacation and we were gone by the end of the week.

    The second time my kids were going to Tampa with my sister and Mom.
    A week before I was getting envious of their FL trip looked at DH and said want to go to Disney while they are gone? We got on our plane just before the kids got on theirs and we came back a day after. It was great. And I didn't forget to pack anything besides a sweatshirt, easily remedied.
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    Re: no planning

    My parents did this for their 25th anni. They stayed at the Poly on their honeymoon. My dad told me about his idea to surprise my mom on Thursday, they were on a plane Friday night after work, stayed 2 nights, visited MK and spent a day downtown, saw La Nouba, and flew home Sunday morning. Most spontaneous and romantic thing my dad has ever done.
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