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I just feel as though the dynamics of the two parks do drawl different families and people in, so I find myself believing that Disney won't take a huge hit. ."
And this is where I have to disagree (respectfully) with you. We as a family are not and do not act differently at Universal. We are the same family that has visited Disney as a family for 22 years. Much longer without children.

I do agree that Disney will not take a huge hit but Disney will get approximately 15-25% less of my vacation dollars. Not huge but enough to possibly make them squirm a bit and consider adding to their parks more frequently then they have. I'm seeing more and more vacationers tip-toe'ing over to Universal for a few days. I believe that strong Universal competition will force Disney to upgrade and that will be great for us all.
Fantasyland is one step. Star Wars good, but look how long we have heard this rumor before Disney announced it will finally do it. And both are a long way off. Meanwhile, Universal is about to unveil a real grabber.