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Miscellaneous Discuss What is it about WDW music?! in the News & Rumors forums; I love disney music and have as much as I can find. Could you share where you find tunes?...
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    Re: What is it about WDW music?!

    I love disney music and have as much as I can find. Could you share where you find tunes?

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    Re: What is it about WDW music?!

    I second that request...I can find Disney Movie songs....but where can I find music from Walt Disney World. Like sounds of the parks and what not. Does what I am asking for make sense???? haha
    I'm the only one!!!!

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    Re: What is it about WDW music?!

    I get lots of my ringtones from here for free
    Myxer - Download Ringtones and More
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    Re: What is it about WDW music?!

    Look on the forums under multimedia topic - people have posted there where they have found disney music from the parks. Members on the forums also very happy to share.

    Here are a few websites:
    Free Disney sounds
    Disney World sounds and music

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    Re: What is it about WDW music?!

    Quote Originally Posted by Disney05 View Post
    I listen to Disney music every single day. I play it going to and from work in my car. I keep adding songs to my mp3. Never get tired of it. Have a compilation of park and movie songs.
    I do the exact same thing!!! I made a Magic Kingdom cd and an EPCOT cd, and I listen to them every day on the way to and from work. A few of my favs are the Castle Medley, Spectromagic, both CoP themes, and the old Remember the Magic Parade song. Disney music helps me unwind and always puts me in a good mood. And I also put some of the old Monorail spiels on the cd's too- I love it!!!
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    Re: What is it about WDW music?!

    I think we all love the WDW music!!...

    I too listen to it as much as I can. I have loads of tunes in mp3 format on my laptop to listen too when I like!

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