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    Talking Lost Hat, Purse, Etc. Stories

    (Insert comment here).
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    Re: Lost Hat, Purse, Etc. Stories

    When I was 6, I went to Disney, brought my favorite stuffed beagle with me, and lost it. I was upset for the LONGEST time.

    It was never recovered, although we did go back to the store, and buy another one.
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    Re: Lost Hat, Purse, Etc. Stories

    I lost one of my socks to my favorite pair of socks. I also lost a lot of pins last trip. That is mostly it.
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    Re: Lost Hat, Purse, Etc. Stories

    On my first trip to WDW almost 20 years ago now, i was in a stroller (or buggy as us English call them), and we were on a bus late at night going back to Dixie Landings. well one of my shoes fell off on the bus but my mum did not realise until we were back in the room.

    I wonder if that shoe is still going round the bus routes lol

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    Re: Lost Hat, Purse, Etc. Stories

    Just a few weeks ago, I lost my phone on Space Mountain: Mission 2 in Disneyland Paris. Space Mountain over there is very different, and I lost it somewhere during the loop that goes right into a corkscrew. It fell somewhere between 80 feet or more to the ground. They have not found it yet. Bummer!
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    Re: Lost Hat, Purse, Etc. Stories

    In 1998, we had two small girls in strollers. One of the strollers broke when we arrived, so we went to Wal-Mart and bought a cheap umbrella stroller and wrote our name on the tag on the back. It turned out to be a popular model at the Parks that year. After coming out of the Wonders of Life pavilion, I noticed that the new stroller was parked on the opposite side of our other stroller. When we looked at the back of the stroller, we saw another family had written their name on the tag. We spent the next few hours checking the tags on the back of strollers as we entered and left pavilions, but never found our stroller. Since we did not find it, the Braden family's stroller made several trips to WDW over the years.

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    Re: Lost Hat, Purse, Etc. Stories

    My dad got a REALLY nice watch from his company for his 25th anniversary of working there... and then 2 weeks later dropped it into the water at the Jungle Cruise. That was 4 years ago and he's STILL mad about it!

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    Re: Lost Hat, Purse, Etc. Stories

    we were heading to horse barns to do the haunted hayride and brent had his phone on his hip as always.. he cant hear very good so its always on vibe so he can feel it when it rings.. we parked got on a bus and rode it back to the barns.. we get off and walk around because we are way early! we do the hayride its fun! then he notices his phone gone.. its pitch black out.. its not on the wagon... we retrace our steps but its dark out.. cant see anything.. so we head back to the bus stop.. where the hubby begans to freak because he has over 100 numbers and info on his phone that has to do with his work and business.. important numbers.. so when a bus shows up i ask.. and he hasnt seen one.. but gets on his radio and learns someone did find it on the bus.. so we sit and wait for a hour for all the buses to do their runs so we can get back on the very same bus so we can collect his phone.. he was so happy!! but really he didnt think he would find it..
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    Re: Lost Hat, Purse, Etc. Stories

    In 2008 I had a Samsung BlackJack and left it on the Carousel of Progress just before lunch but didn't figure it out until 1 1/2 hours later. Ran back to the ride and the CM's said they hadn't seen it but to check with guest relations later that day. When I checked with guest relations around 8pm, sure enough someone had turned it in! I guess everyone was honest that day, not so sure I would be as lucky with my iPhone...
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