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Miscellaneous Discuss Countdown to Disney in the News & Rumors forums; So as my WDW trip gets nearer by the second... I start to think about people's routines before they go to Disney World. Question 1: Do you have a routine ...
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    Countdown to Disney

    So as my WDW trip gets nearer by the second... I start to think about people's routines before they go to Disney World.

    Question 1:
    Do you have a routine set for when you go to Disney World.

    Question 2:
    If so, what is your schedule... Don't do anything over 10 days before your trip unless it is something very important.
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    Re: Countdown to Disney

    My routine? Fly down on a Sunday, hit Walmart, then relax until I can check in at 4pm. Sometimes I'll do the Christmas party that evening, when I feel up to it. On Monday I drive town to Ft Lauderdale to visit family.On Tuesday, I hit the four parks throughout the day and do a character meal. Wednesday I'll drive to different resorts, then go to the outlets for shopping, maybe meet up with a friend in the area for lunch or dinner. Then I switch hotel rooms and check in at 4pm. I take the car back to the car care center and they drive me back to the resort. On Thursday, I check out, check into my flight, leave my bags at the concierge. From there, I walk to Downtown Disney for shopping and lunch, then walk back to catch the bus at 4pm to the airport.

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    Re: Countdown to Disney

    I don't really have a routine but I always have a schedule. I always plan what days in what parks and where we will be eating, I always make sure we have at least one day to relax and the last day is usually spend at DTD to buy gifts
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    Re: Countdown to Disney

    I could not agree more with GIOny about the scheduling. Plan out each day where you are going, what you are doing, where you are eating, etc. It is very difficult to do every single thing in one park on the same day; especially with kids. So plan ahead what you want to do and cover those first. Try to schedule some downtime between parks so as to not wear your crew out. I ususally plan for 8-nights per trip so that we have 7 full days at Disney. One park every other day with a water park, Downtown Disney, and perhaps a day at the resort pool between the park days. I personally try to go to Downtown Disney early in the trip so as to get most of my shopping out of my head and have more time to enjoy the park attractions.

    How you schedule your days is, of course, up to the individual. But if you don't have a plan with ADRs for your dinners, special tickets pre-bought, tours reserved, etc; then you will waste precious time during your vacation covering these items. Also, it is helpful to know the parade times and such in advance while in each park.

    Good Luck to you!! I personally have 121-days until our next Disney Vacation at the Yacht Club in September.

    Thanks. Mike M

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    Re: Countdown to Disney

    Since I've had to learn Microsoft Excel at my job on the fly (even though i work in graphic design and production), I've found a way to make it work for me. A couple of weeks ago i started using it to plot out our vacation and even used some fun color coding for each park name. Put down all the closing and opening times of the park I'm plotting to visit that day (based on magical hours maximization), i have it broken down to morning park, lunch venue, midday activity (i.e pool), dinner venue and evening park. I even started inputting mode of transportation to and from the locations (since we'll be at Yacht Club, there are some cool variations of transportation we can take). Makes it easier to move around activities and map them out.

    I have to say doing it was really fun. Especially when i work on it at my job. Hey, they're abusing me so why not go to my happy place on their dime?

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    Re: Countdown to Disney

    10 days before we go, I watch Disney movies everynight! Then we fly down, check in and go to the pool. That night we usually go to the boardwalk and go to dinner at spoodles. The next day we go to MK and have lunch at Tony's. Next day is EPCOT and we eat at Japan for lunch, and Canada for dinner. Then AK and we always have lunch at Flammin Tree. MGM is the next day (or Disney's Hollywood Studios if you call it that! I still call it MGM). Then the next day we usually relax or go to Sea World.The second to last day we go to EPCOT or MK again. On the last day we check out and head to Downtown, and then off to the airport!
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    Re: Countdown to Disney

    I'm liking the idea of watching a different disney movie every night the week before ya go!
    OMG cannot wait to get back their haven't been since 2008..
    Don't really have a set schedule when we go although we do try to decide what parks we'll go to and have a rough outline what day so we don't miss anything but I'm learning so much from this site and there's so much in all the parks that we've missed before.

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    Re: Countdown to Disney

    we pretty much plan out based on what parks have EMH each night... i usually go off peak whenever i can so this makes it not as crowded... we always have an early morning flight, and get MK as soon as possible... (usually by 11) it seems like a wasted day but in Aug. the big parks are at least open till midnight...
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    Re: Countdown to Disney

    the first day for us is usually DTD and relaxing.. because we usually drive.. but this time were flying and its just me and the hubby.. so were going to epcot the first day.. our plane dont land til 2.. which stinks.. but im sure we will check in and head right over to epcot
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    Re: Countdown to Disney

    The days leading up to proper trip with wife or family (like fly down.not drive rig down) I look here to see whats happening on the forums there. Also download all podcast that are revelant to the visit- like Lou's tour of Hollywood Studio.
    We fly out..get car..head to resort and check in. Do some of MK or Epcot then its off to Red Lobster on first night.We always do this even when we have a big gathering.
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