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Miscellaneous Discuss Thesis Ideas in the News & Rumors forums; I am starting graduate school in the fall for my Masters in Public Relations. I have no idea what I should do for my thesis at the end of the ...
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    Thesis Ideas

    I am starting graduate school in the fall for my Masters in Public Relations. I have no idea what I should do for my thesis at the end of the year, but if possible I would love to somehow involve my love of Disney with my career choice. Anyone have any ideas how I could incorporate Disney with Public Relations in a original research paper? I'm sure that once I start classes in August that we'll be advised with more details and I'll be able to get more ideas. Any advice would be wonderful. Thanks!
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    Re: Thesis Ideas

    Disney's customer service standards and the Disney brand name
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    Re: Thesis Ideas

    Disney is the EPITOME of public relations! And I don't mean that in any negative sense of the term AT ALL! Walt Disney loved his guests and insisted that all people were essentially good and deserved to be treated as such. So many instances in books I've read about how important his guests were to him. He wanted to share his awe of the world, joy of the past, wonder of the present and hope for the future with everyone he could! He was, in my opinion, the greatest public relations genius ever! Not because he wanted to scam or take people for they're hard-earned money, but because he GENUINELY loved them and wanted them to feel the same joy and wonder about the world as he. don't get me wrong, I've read too many of his biographies, but in the end he just REALLY wanted to please and entertain his guests and anyone he could...!
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    Re: Thesis Ideas

    I believe there are books about Disney's customer service that could be a good starts.

    And congratulations on getting your Masters! How exciting!
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    Re: Thesis Ideas

    How about something regarding how Disney's PR has changed the game for everyone else? Kind of like their effect (or lack thereof if you take my local Burger King into account) on PR in general. May be too broad or too tough to quantify but it's just something that popped into my head, for what it's worth.

    Good luck with your Masters!

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    Re: Thesis Ideas

    Building a Resort Park by starting a TV show.

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