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Miscellaneous Discuss tangled review in the News & Rumors forums; so my friend a fellow disney freak like me was pushing me to watch tangled. ive been working alot lately and with xmas i have to watch my money and ...
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    tangled review

    so my friend a fellow disney freak like me was pushing me to watch tangled. ive been working alot lately and with xmas i have to watch my money and not spend to much on luxuries like going out to eat n movies for a while. plus i gotta save up for my disneyland n d23 trip nxt august so money is tight. so i decided to download it(illegally i know tht is bad) n watch it wen i got home from work. so i watched it and her opinion is tht she loved it so much tht it made her cry and she even went to the theatre to see it again. in my opinion it was a really good movie. i like the characters, especially rapunzel cuz she kinda reminds me of my personality. the trailer was nothing like the movie so thts y i was skeptical at first to watch it. i like the animation as well. however i ddnt like cry or anything. it was heart warming and all but the last disney movie to get emotion out of me was the princess and the frog and before tht it was toy story 3 and before tht it was my personal fave movie the lion king. overall i give it a 8 out of 10.

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    Re: tangled review

    Have not taken the kids to see it yet, will probably wait until Christmas Eve as a treat to get them out of the house. Thanks for sharing your review.

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    Re: tangled review

    Like your review....The DW and I finally saw it tonight....We loved it our favorite characters were of course Pascal and Maximus...I would agree it was a solid 8 out of 10 for sure Can't wait until it comes out on Blu Ray!!!!!
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    Re: tangled review

    i liked the movie but idk about the ending. i didn't like the ending as much because i really thought her hair was going to get re attached. she just looked like a totally different person with her hair shorter and a diferent color. my friend agreed. i mean i get they were maybe going for the "beauty isn't everything" approach but it was kinda dissappointing.
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    Re: tangled review

    Really liked the movie. Already on Amazons list to email me when the DVD becomes available. I just got the sound track and I'm hooked on the music.
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    Re: tangled review

    Definitely two thumbs up from me. LOVED IT!

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    Re: tangled review

    Our family saw it when it first came out in the theaters and everyone agrees that we will buy it when it comes out on disc. We thoroughly enjoyed it!

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    Re: tangled review

    I saw it last month while on the was in 3D...I thought it was good.

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