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Miscellaneous Discuss Walt Disney Report in the News & Rumors forums; Hi Everyone! I hope everyone is well! I didn't know where else to post this so I thought here would be okay! For class I have to write a report ...
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    Walt Disney Report

    Hi Everyone! I hope everyone is well! I didn't know where else to post this so I thought here would be okay!
    For class I have to write a report on a historical figure and I have picked Walt Disney! This report has to be done and handed in, in a week's time and I need some help. If any of you know some good websites or good information on Walt Disney and his life I would be grateful if you could post it below! I have to include lots of interesting details as some people may not know exactly who he is! I also need to include all of the things he has done and contributed to the world! Thanks for anyone's help in advance!
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    You can go to the D23 website and click on the 'Walt Disney Archives' link on the left-hand side.

    Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you'll find a biography of Walt along with several other links including one for a selected bibliography.

    Hope this helps!! Good luck with your report!!
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    Re: Walt Disney Report

    You could also watch the DVD Walt: The Man Behind the Myth. It is a great reflection of Walt and his life from those that knew him when.

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    Re: Walt Disney Report

    CNBC has been replaying Walt: The Man Behind the Myth lately. You might be able to catch it on TV.

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    Re: Walt Disney Report

    Go on Wikipedia and proceed to the sources at the bottom of Walt's page (they're legit, unlike Wikipedia itself) of the best things to do when researching
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    Re: Walt Disney Report

    Walt: An American Original by Bob Thomas has proven to be a great biography
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