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Miscellaneous Discuss Pal Mickey? in the News & Rumors forums; I apologize if this is in the wrong place, I wasn't sure where to put it. My husband and I bought a Pal Mickey when we visited Disney world in ...
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    Pal Mickey?

    I apologize if this is in the wrong place, I wasn't sure where to put it. My husband and I bought a Pal Mickey when we visited Disney world in 2005. We used it on our next few trips, but on our last visit in 2009 Pal Mickey no longer worked. I was wondering if it was discontinued forever? (I am hoping they have brought Pal Mickey back, my kids would love it, but I am thinking it is doubtful.)


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    Re: Pal Mickey?

    All signs point to him being discontinued forever I think, with the Disney/Verizon partnership and their Disney Parks app to reactivate Pal Mickey would be bad business for Disney.

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    Re: Pal Mickey?

    I'm afraid Pal Mickey is now just part of great memories.

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    Re: Pal Mickey?

    we haven't used ours in like 4 yrs but WDW website sill list what attractions works with my pal. we plan on taking ours next month

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    Re: Pal Mickey?

    I missed out on this when it came out. I wanted to wait to see if would take off, I guess it did not, to bad.

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    Re: Pal Mickey?

    I never bothered with it. First, I certainly didn't need one more thing to lug around the park. Second, I figured at some point in the future it would outlive its usefulness and be nothing more than a stuffed animal. Welcome to my future.
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    Re: Pal Mickey?

    We have one. I bought it back in 2004. It's novelty wore off pretty fast. We still bring it to the parks whenever we go, but it is more of a annoyance at this point. Unless you have it clipped to you, you will never feel it vibrate when it's activated. It's not loud enough, so it is very hard to hear in the parks. My kids still love it (5 and 2) but it just seems like there are other things to focus on these days.

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    Re: Pal Mickey?

    never got one lol
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