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I'd just be happy at this point if they would lower ticket prices so a family of 4 could enjoy a day in the park without having to morgage their house
It is getting that way. Of course there are many that can pull off the dream vacation annually. Yay! for them. There are so many that won't ever be able to pull off a single day trip for a family of four. Sadness.

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Change ticket prices and offer discounts for families that have been there more then 10 times hehe lol
I like that! They do perks for repeat cruisers.

1. 10% fix her up
I agree with this one most of all. WDW fell into neglect and that should never happen again.
5. Some kind or river cruise in Animal Kingdom
I went there too and before this on another thread. They are imagineers they need to do something with it. I'd even take a dusk, chill out cocktail cruise.

6. 5% reinvestment. 5% of the revenues from each park goes into a fund for plusing or new attractions

I wonder what the % had been prior to Fantasyland.

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I'm liking most of yours, Gabe. Numbers 5, 6, 9, and 10 especially.

I had something to say about yours and a few to add to my 10 but I just completely drew a blank.
Thank you.