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Miscellaneous Discuss Chicken Little in the News & Rumors forums; Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't been on the DWT forums too much lately, but I've been doing some cross-training and have not been sitting at my desk as much as ...
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    Chicken Little

    Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't been on the DWT forums too much lately, but I've been doing some cross-training and have not been sitting at my desk as much as usual. They mean to make me a manager. . . .God help me.

    Anyway, I figured I would at least give you all a movie review, if nothing else. We took the kids to Animal Kingdom yesterday, it was a perfect day for it, we all had a great time, as usual. Afterwards, we hit Downtown Disney for a movie. We saw Chicken Little in digital 3-D. First off, the 3-D glasses they give you are not the old red/blue kind, they are plastic framed glasses just like something you would get at a 3-D show in the parks. The movie itself has a sweet story about not being afraid to be yourself and being able to communicate with those you love. I won't spoil anything, but both my 7-year old and my 11-year old were able to enjoy the movie together, the mark of a good Disney film.
    The characters were cute, especially Chicken Little and his Father, who the story mostly revolved around, and Abby Mallard, the ugly duckling.
    I only had a problem with one small part of the movie where the pee-pee jokes were flying fast and furious, it was only a small part of the movie. . . .but still not very Disney.
    But that wasn't the best part. The movie was in glorious near-theme park quality 3-D the whole way through! We went to It's Tough To Be a Bug earlier in the day, so we had something fresh to compare it with. It was an amazing experience that made a good movie even better. It didn't feel like a gimmick. It was not quite as great as the theme park shows because those theatres are especially set up for one particular show, but if you are a fan of Disney 3-D shows then do yourself a favor and see this movie in 3-D! It is like sitting through an 90 minute theme park show, the only difference is that if you move your head too fast, the effect becomes a little blurry, but after about 15 minutes, you don't even think about the 3-D because it is such a natural-looking effect that compliments the computer animation perfectly.

    As a side note, after the movie, our roomate took the kids home to bed because they have school today. Me and my wife decided to try out Raglan Road, the new Irish pub and Restaurant at Pleasure Island.
    The atmosphere is dark and manly, but that was a good thing. There was a live band playing on a small stage near the fireplace and their music was a perfect companion to our dinner.
    This post is getting a little long so I will just say that it was the perfect ending to a great day. I had a sort of Irish seafood chowder that both the menu and the waiter insisted was not chowder. . . .no matter what it was called it was awsome! My wife had chicken with an unusual apple cider glaze that was also great. The service, of course, was fantastic.
    I hope this helps someone have a great day.
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    Oh yay!!! I can't wait to see it. I'm glad to read a good review. I hope they are showing it in 3-D somewhere near me.

    Good luck on becoming a manager. Yipes!!! I can remember how much my managers when I worked at Y+B got yelled at.

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