I'm just wondering but, how many of the members here have ever seen something like a Soft Opening extravaganza/show at any of the Disney parks. They normally take place a few mins before the park opens, or when a section of the park closes. They involve lots of cool stuff too like fireworks, and some sort of live performance. For example, I've seen stuff like this twice, both at EPCOT. One was a soft opening show for SOARIN which took place some time after 7pm (when future world shuts down) and had fireworks, skydivers, and a aeronautical themed show. This was 8 days away before the Grand Opening of the ride, with the media and all that. Another one I've seen is for the "Club Cool" place that has now replaced Ice Station Cool. It had an eerie resembelence to the famous Coke commercial done in the 70s with lots of people from different countries, on a mountain side, with coke cans. Same there here, just less singing, and was shorter too. After that they shot streamers and fireworks into the sky, and the rides were opened to the day's guests. Both of these shows took place at a little stage behind the main Future World Fountain (The one surrounded by Innoventions and has a show every few minutes) Once again, I wanna hear your experiences, if any, and perhaps, the real name for these performances.