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Miscellaneous Discuss What Disney gifts did you get for Christmas?? in the News & Rumors forums; Let's see...... We got The Disney Magic Kingdom board game Disney Who Am I game Disney Hallmark Fantasia Ornament Disney Hallmark Pooh and Tigger ornament Disney Hallmark Mickey Mouse Club ...
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    Let's see......

    We got

    The Disney Magic Kingdom board game
    Disney Who Am I game
    Disney Hallmark Fantasia Ornament
    Disney Hallmark Pooh and Tigger ornament
    Disney Hallmark Mickey Mouse Club Ornament
    The boys both got Disney PJ's
    Kingdom Hearts video game for PS2
    Money to renew our Disney AP's

    That's all that I can think of at the moment....

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    Quote Originally Posted by disneydreamer98
    Let's see......

    We got

    The Disney Magic Kingdom board game
    Let me know if you like this game. I looked at it, but I thought it looked a little young for me.
    - Hillary
    There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.- Walt Disney

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    Right Here ------->X
    I got a book on imagineering

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    Quote Originally Posted by hillo
    Let me know if you like this game. I looked at it, but I thought it looked a little young for me.
    We played it as a family and we liked it. It's a good way to live a little Disney Magic when you can't be there. My DH and I probably wouldn't sit down and play it alone, but with Parker it is good.

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    I received a Mickey Mouse Snow globe, a Mickey squishy pillow & the Disney Scene It game. For my birthday I received a special edition (80th)
    stuffed Pooh, an Eeyore t-shirt & Mickey wine glasses. Wine really tastes better in these!!

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    Just 15 minutes from Walt Disney World!
    For Christmas...

    From my roommate:
    Disney Days Calendar
    Mickey Mouse candy
    Disney scrapbook paper

    From my friend:
    Disney Cuties charm links

    My family:
    Disney Vacation Club calendar (there's a good story for this...since my family is part of the DVC, we sometimes get free little things every once in a while. We happen to receive this free DVC calendar, which I didn't know we had b/c yeah...I'm not home. Anyway, when I opened it, I was really excited about it, but my oldest brother said to my mom, "You got that for free, didn't you?" My mom was like, "Shh! Don't say that!" But I love it)
    Another calendar (I'm not crazy about calendars, but...), but I gave it to my brother

    Then I tend to buy a lot of Disney-themed items. Haha.

    What will YOU celebrate?

    Check out my recent photos in my photo album!

    Shutterfly Website:

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    Busy, Busy, Busy.
    I got a Winnie the Pooh Diary of Rich.

    So much to do, So little time to do it in

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    1.Disney Scene It DVD game
    2.Pirates of the Carribean: From the Magic KIngdom to the Movies book
    3.The Imagineers pocket book guide
    4. Pirates of the Carribean snowglobe

    Eh I got a decent haul considering I got the X Box 360, a new laser keyborad mouse combo, and Mp3 player

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    Let's see,

    my DD age 3 received a Barbie dressed in Mickey tshirt and a mickey bag, she also received a Disney Princess theamed foam hopscotch set, a Cinderella Barbie, and a Disney theamed Yazee game:mickey:

    My DD age 10 received a 3D Cinderella Castle puzzle.

    .....Oh yeah, I almost forgot, my father in law gave the whole family a trip to WDW set for his 65th birthday in April, 2007!!!!!!!

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    Resorts we have tried;
    Yacht and Beach Club (our wedding)-1994
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    I got a Disney 50th Anniversary tree ornament and some Goofy candy. Since that did not meet my quota for Christmas, I bought myself a Mickey Mouse watch and 6 small dinner plates. (Love those after Christmas sales.)
    mini-V What will you celebrate?

    Adult daycare for the kid inside you.

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    Where the humidity is the same as the temperature!!
    This Christmas I didnt get Disney merchandise. (I did get the Pooh photomosiac puzzle)
    and Nick got his first stuffed Pooh plush.

    I cant complain because my Wonderful Husband did get me 3/4 C diamond earrings and a 1C diamond Necklace!!!!

    I got Britty the Disney Scene It game.

    It was still a great Christmas!

    Things I have learned living in ARKANSAS
    1. Possums sleep in the middle of the road with their feet in the air.
    2. There are 5,000 types of snakes and 4,998 live in ARKANSAS.
    3. We have four seasons: Almost Summer, Summer, Still Summer and Christmas.
    4. A carbonated soft drink is not a soda, cola or pop...It's a 'coke' regardless of brand or flavor. Ex...What kind of 'Coke' do you want?
    5. People actually grow and EAT okra!!
    6. Sweet Iced Tea is appropriate for all meals.
    7. You have to switch from 'heat' to A/C in the same day.
    8. All the festivals across the state are named for an animal, insect, grain, vegetable or fruit.
    9. You work until you are done or it's too dark to see.
    10. Everyone can't be an Arkansan: You have to be BRAVE to live here!

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    Disney Stuff!

    Well lets see:
    1. Disney Scrapbook Supplies
    2. Mickey Mouse Club Blanket
    3. Mickey and Minnie Christmas Blanket
    4. Mulan 2 DVD
    5. Chicken Little Soundtrack
    6. Disney hallmark Mickey Mouse Club Ornament
    7. Mickey Mouse Fleece Sweatshirt

    I bought my son the Disney Magic Kingdom Game (And Yes its really fun to play!) and the Disney Uno Game (though i really wanted them for myself!!! ).

    Not much else becuase we were just in WDW in September and noone had the money to spend at christmas!

    Karen S.K. fellow scrapbooker and disney addict since September 12th, 1985

    It all started with a mouse..... and noone in my family can stop it!!!:mickey:

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    My only present was spending the day at Magic Kingdom with the family! Swweeett
    TheBIGGEST,Little kid in the O Family!
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    WDW June. 2011 POP Century

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    Here is what i got

    Haunted Mansion/Nightmare Before Christmas christmas house
    Nightmare Before Christmas Town Square house
    Nightmare Before Christmas sheets
    Santa Mickey statue
    Mickey sheets
    Mickey Ceiling fan
    Mickey MP3

    The happy haunts have received your simpathetic vibrations, and are begining to materialize.They're assembling for a swinging wake,and they will be expecting me.I will see you all a little later

    I'm Mister White Christmas
    I'm Mister Snow
    I'm Mister Icicle
    I'm Mister Ten Below
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    What ever I touch
    Turns to snow in my clutch
    I'm too much!

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    We got the Complete Donald Duck anthology, and the newest Bambi on DVD... plus 3 Disney T-shirts...

    9/2004 - Polynesian - first time at WDW!
    10/2005 - Not the Polynesian (Port Orleans)
    12/2006 - 1/2007 - Polynesian - Christmas & New Year's!
    10/2008 - Polynesian for Halloween!

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