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Miscellaneous Discuss Top 10 CM Jobs in the News & Rumors forums; The ten positions I would love to have in no particular order: 1. Haunted Mansion Attendant : I would love to work here to interact with the fans, especially the ...
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    The ten positions I would love to have in no particular order:

    1. Haunted Mansion Attendant : I would love to work here to interact with the fans, especially the young ones. Having a great CM working the door always increases my enjoyment of the ride.

    2. ToT Bellhop : Exact same reasons as above.

    3. Jungle Cruise Skip: Lame jokes, the riders who love to get in on the act, the more sarcastic the better.

    4. Monorail Captain: If you could think of a cooler job description I would love to hear it.

    5. Flights of Wonder Performer: Not the birds but the handlers, I've always wanted to handle a hawk so for me - Handling a hawk + Working at WDW = Even better.

    6. Bus Driver : May be an unusual choice but I always love talking to the bus drivers. It's even better when you get a driver who likes to keep himself informed of the goings on at the parks. Plus who are you more glad to see after a long night at the park.

    7. Waiter at some of the more interesting Disney Restaurants: 50's Primetime, Sci-Fi, Ohana

    8. Boat Captain: I love boats and this would just be a great job.

    9. Animal Kingdom Animal Keeper: Dunno the exact title to this job but handling some of these animals when they need special attention or such would be a great job.

    10. Safari Driver: Another cool job ala Jungle Cruise. With a real attentive cast member the ride can be ten times better even with the cheesy story line.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OneLittleSpark
    5. Flights of Wonder Performer: Not the birds but the handlers, I've always wanted to handle a hawk so for me - Handling a hawk + Working at WDW = Even better.
    I've always wanted to be a bird myself. Although I'm a bit more partial to falcons than hawks.
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    I think my favorite job would be a Stormtrooper walking around D-MGM during the Star Wars weekends. Do you know how much fun it would be to follow people around and act all nonchalant when they looked back at you? Or wait impatiently in line behind some kid at the water fountain? Or sit at some family's table at lunch time? Or you could have another trooper with you and just suddenly start escorting random people down the street. That would be a blast!

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    I think the job I would most like to have at Walt Disney World would be to be a Vacation Club Salemen. Think about all the happy memories that you would help create. Everyday you would get to go home knowing that you have guaranteed people a trip to disney world every year. It just seems like a great way to share disney magic and it would be a cool thing to sell because you believe in the product.
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    I would love to work at the Whispering Canyon Cafe at the Wilderness Lodge. That would be amazingly fun!
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    My #1 dream WDW job would be working as Ariel or Belle.

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    I was a bit of a Goth in my youth, so it would have to be working at the Haunted Mansion.

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    My Top ten CM jobs would be

    Push / West palm operator
    Space mountain operator
    Tower of terror bellhop
    Kilamanjaro safari driver
    Everest Operator
    VMK Central personell
    Haunted Mansion Butler
    Monorail Pilot
    Jungle cruise skipper

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    Imagineer all the way, it would be so great to see how much people enjoyed something that i helped create

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    Quote Originally Posted by DisneyFREAK91
    HOLY COW!!! I remember that song!! It was in a Disneyland sing-along video I owned as a kid!! Now, I'm going to be turning my house upside down looking for this video tape!!

    What is the title of that song?
    I have that same video and I watched it 2 weeks ago. I think the name is "Main Street USA", but I'm not entirely sure. When we were at WDW the last time, I got to see some people preform that song. We had no idea that they were going to do that. I couldn't believe it because I had grown up with that song and I know all the words to it.

    Top 10 Jobs:

    1. Imagineer
    2. Pirates of the Caribbean ride operator
    3. Haunted Mansion maid
    4. Tower of Terror Bellhop
    5. Jungle Cruise Skipper
    6. Guest Relations
    7. Concierge at Grand Floridian or Polynesian
    8. IASW ride operator
    9. Haunted Mansion Ballroom dancer in Halloween parade
    10. Splash Mountain operator
    - Hillary
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    1. CEO in charge of parks or just one park would do.
    2. Chief officer in charge of disabled services.
    3. Guest Relations such as answering questions.
    4. Ride tester
    5. Super Pin Trader
    6. Super shopper
    7. Jungle Cruise Skipper
    8. The Great Movie Ride operator
    9. Sales Clerk
    10. Hotel Manager

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    My ultimate CM job at WDW would be one of the monkey men in the Festival Of The Lion King show... how could you not want to bounce around on trampolines 6 times a day and get paid for it?

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    10. Tiki Room
    9.Carousel of Progress
    8. Buzz Lightyear
    7.Its a small world.
    6.Pirates of the Caribbean
    5. Country Bear Jamboree.
    4. Tram Speil dude.
    3. Monerail Driver.
    2. Haunted Mansion.
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    Ill post mine tomorrow..this is a reminder - cool idea for a thread , interesting article1

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    1. W.W.R.R Conductor! - Its a lot of fun! I love it
    2. Disney Imagineer
    3. President of Disney World!
    4. management at MK
    5. Something in Entertainment..but not a character
    6 The Living seas
    7. Guest Relations
    8. Disney ambassador
    9. disney photographer but not photopass lol
    10. Disney cruise line

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