I had this idea for a thread dealing with hot disney topics. I was on the debate team in HS and i thought that this could be an interesting way to get peoples opinions and ideas on some disney issues.

Here's how it works:
1. I post up a Disney topic that doesn't have a clear cut answer and has defendable decisions on both sides of the case, Pro and Con.

2. I'll put up a beginning argument dealing with either side to get discussion started. When we've exhausted a topic i'll put up another topic or someone else who has a good idea can put one up.

3. This isn't like other game threads where one person posts an answer and then puts up their own question but people keep debating pro and con or agree/disagree keeping the discussion alive.

I figure we can try this out and see if people like it. Remember to keep it friendly and not attack anybody when they argue their side (one of our debate team rules)

Topic : Disney needs to build a Thrill Ride Park to compete with the likes of Six Flags, Universal Studios, and Sea World.

My argument is for the CON side:
Disney is a much more in-depth experience than most of those parks with the exception possibly being Universal. I think that Disney needs to add some thrill rides in the different parks but not enough to warrant building a fifth gate. There is plenty of room to add another land in the Magic Kingdom and with the empty space left by the removal of 20k under the sea there is room for expansion. Epcot has added thrill rides with the additions of Test Track, Mission:Space, and to an extent Soarin', MGM has ToT, Rock n Rollercoaster but in my opinion could use another thrill ride. There could possibly be space for this if Indiana Jones is taken away, Indiana Jones Ride anyone? Animal Kingdom just added Everest but the point of this gate is to focus on nature and the need for conservation so Everest, Dinosaur, Kali River Rapids, and Primeval Whirl are enough thrill rides there. I think Disney's main focus should revolve around making the entire trip memorable from the resort right down to the dining. This is what separates Disney from those other parks.