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Miscellaneous Discuss Wow, seizure at the Magic Kingdom in the News & Rumors forums; If there is an article about a woman getting really sick while in Toontown this week, that was my friend Marci. I just got a call from a mutual friend ...
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    Wow, seizure at the Magic Kingdom

    If there is an article about a woman getting really sick while in Toontown this week, that was my friend Marci.
    I just got a call from a mutual friend who told me that she was down there this week with her daughter and grandson. She wasn't feeling well, got off the train in toontown and collapsed and went into convulsions. Her daughter (who is my friend), started crying and yelling for help. Wow, I couldn't even imagine what her mind was like right then.

    So, they got her to first aid, but had no one to watch her....she had to go to the hospital or something...I lost some of the story as the phone was interrupted by her boss picking it up.

    Right now, she is ok, but they still don't know what went wrong. She said the medics even mentioned that it could be a brain hemorage since that happens to people who ride Rockin'Roller Coaster or Space Mountain.. I corrected her and said Mission Space, but my friend who is relaying this is quite a hypochondirac (sp?) and is now freaked out 'cause she rode these too.
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    I hope she is okay and that it is nothing major. My thoughts and prayers are with that family.

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    GaRain, I'm so sorry to hear about your friends. What a horrible experience to go through! I hope she continues to improve and is well again soon.

    It's important for people to remember, that just because it's the Magic Kingdom doesn't mean that life is magically protected and all your physical troubles are checked at the gates. Too many people are out of shape, don't drink enough water, aren't used to the heat, and yet they push on well beyond when it is safe for them because gosh darnit they are at Disney World and they are going to have fun! Check out the symptoms of heat stroke: and it may sound very familiar.

    My prayers are with your friends.
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    That's so sad and I will pray for the family.

    Death and illness can happen any time. It doesn't wait for you to leave Disney or any vacation. It doesn't wait for you to finish groceries or shopping. People must always remember even if you are Disney you are mortal.
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