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Miscellaneous Discuss Cinderella's...BATHROOMS!?!? in the News & Rumors forums; Okay, well i went 2 disney world in march and my dad got a new job, so he could'nt take off work. My mom didn't want to be alone with ...
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    Okay, well i went 2 disney world in march and my dad got a new job, so he could'nt take off work. My mom didn't want to be alone with 3 kids. SO my grandma came along. So it was me, my mom, my grandma, and my two sisters. So i was the only guy! and that means, i have to stop for them to got to the bathroom ALL THE TIME!!! So we stopped at this bathroom behind cinderella's castle and next to peter pan. but the bathroom seemed to be connected with the back of the castle! i didnt go in to investigate (because that would be creepy) but does anyone know what im talking about? i really want to know if it is connected! thanx!

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    Being that I am a card carrying memeber of the group you were defiling namely - female - I'm pretty sure I've been in that particular bathroom. I don't recall that it connected to anything.
    Believe me, it's even more annoying to HAVE to be looking for a restroom all the time as to have to wait for someone who has to use it.
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    I don't think so. If you look at a park map, Peter Pan is in a separate building from the castle.
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    This satellite view may help you out. It looks like they might, from in front of the restrooms, but the only thing they connect to is a cleaning supplies closet, the hot and cold water pipes, and the MK wastewater system.

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    Technically and architecturally yes it is connected. BUT no it is not connected if you are a guest in the park. It's all about the Disney magic.
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