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Miscellaneous Discuss Shut Up About Toad!!! in the News & Rumors forums; Look! Im only 13, so toad is a little before my time, but i still have ridden it! And my personal opinion, IT IS NOT THAT GREAT!!! I do admit ...
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    Shut Up About Toad!!!

    Look! Im only 13, so toad is a little before my time, but i still have ridden it! And my personal opinion, IT IS NOT THAT GREAT!!! I do admit that the reason i like pooh better is because its a bigger part of my childhood than toad. and the little demons at the end are terrible! i mean, who in their right mind thinks being hit by a moving train and being sent to **** is fun?? but, still it is always sad to see a classic attraction go. but i really do not want toad to take anymore wild rides.. well, not in WDW anyway. But i do not have anything against toad lovers. i am DEFINATLY NOT perfect. I happen to LOVE stitch!

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    Alot of people find their youth in remembering attractions like these, show some respect.

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    Someday, you won't be 13 any more, and one of your favorites will be replaced with something else, and you too will be heard saying "I miss that attraction."
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    I don't really remember Mr. Toad, I'm only 19. But Mr. Toad was a classic. I wish i had gotten a chance to ride it. I don't find Adventure of Pooh to be that great of a ride. Everyone has their own opinion, but you have to respect the classics and others opinions of those rides. How would you feel if i went around starting thread that said "shut up about stitch"?

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    R.I.P. Mr. Toad Lifelong WDW fans get it!

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    Mr. Toad's Wild ride was a great ride.. I remember still what the cars look like and how they used to swirve on the "raod"... It was great.. R.I.P Mr. Toad!!
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    i actually agree with elphaba. not to insult any toad lovers out there. but getting hit by a train and being sent to **** isnt very disney-like or magical. i personally like pooh batter because of the effects. besides, toad was made out of all cardboard cut-outs.

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    you really shouldn't say that, I know that i've never rode it, but i don't say anything.
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    I have not ridden both Toad or Pooh, but I think that if you don't like an attraction, you shouldn't start a thread that says, "I Hate..." because someone might love that attraction and would be hurt by it. I think if you hate Toad so much, you should write an article about it or something.

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    Sorry guys, this is off topic, but my sister (Suiteliferoxs) was on my laptop earlier today or something and forgot to log off hers, so that opinion up there is mine, and if anyone has any questions or comments about it, come to ME, not Suite.

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    There is still Toad in Disneyland, and now it wasn't the same toad as WDW used to have, I loved going on it when I was there. Disneyland is NOT just for kids. Toad was a fantasyland ride that maybe adults understood a bit better, but also life isn't all fairytales and gumdrops... there are bad things too, and Toad showed a bit of the bad. I would just have some respect because some people may not like what your favorite is, but they at least respect that we all have differences.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ERich2010
    but getting hit by a train and being sent to **** isnt very disney-like or magical.
    yeah, usually it's more like falling off of a tall structure. As for being sent to ****.....Fantasia, Pluto's Nightmare, Hercules, they all have depictions of ****...or at least demons (Yes, I know Hercules has the Underworld, which isn't ****, but whatever, close enough), so it really isn't that far out of what disney is capable of showing

    Quote Originally Posted by ERich2010
    besides, toad was made out of all cardboard cut-outs.
    that's why they have rehabs

    and just for the record, I think Pooh is grossly overrated.
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    Ive never even heard of the ride!

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    I've only ridden it once and I didn't like it myself but yeah, some people really do and that's their opinion!

    So whatever. In fact, I'll remember when my children ride Stitch's Great Escape how I'm mourning the loss of Alien Encounter!
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