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Miscellaneous Discuss Odd character greetings in the News & Rumors forums; Probably not the right title for this thread, Are there characters you've went to get an autograph from just because you felt bad for them. type thing. I have autographs ...
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    Odd character greetings

    Probably not the right title for this thread, Are there characters you've went to get an autograph from just because you felt bad for them. type thing.
    I have autographs from 3 of the characters from Atlantis. They came out with a group of other characters(Belle, Green Army Men, Cruella De Vil, and about 3 others). The guys from Atlantis had no line and didn't seem to have anyone come over to see them, so while I wanted to stand in line and meet Belle and Cruella De Vil, I went over and go the autographs and photos of the Atlantis guys.

    Then last New Year's I got a picture from Governor Ratcliffe. It was Extra Magic Hours(evening) and Mickey and Minnie, Goofy, and Chip 'N' Dale, and 5+ people lines. Governor Ratcliffe had stood waiting for a few moments, and then wondered over to BF and asked him for money, Bf pointed at me, I just finished meeting Goofy, and I told him i had no money, but asked for his autograph and BF took our picture.

    Anyone else have experiences like this? Or am I just way off base.

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    Actually the last time I was there Robin Hood, Maid Marian, and Prince John were out and everyone was rushing to them, and then there stood poor Friar Tuck. I think most kids were like who the heck is that fat dude? But since I love Friar Tuck and everyone from Robin Hood I went to him first.
    Not sure if he is always unpopular, but he sure was that day. Prince John was of course awesome! He is such a cool character to meet.

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    What!?!?!?!?! Maid Marian was there????? How long ago was this????

    aw, man...if only I can get her pic and autograph, my Robin Hood collection will be complete, I even have the Sheriff's who as I understand is quite rare in the park.

    On topic, I've never really done it because I've felt sorry for them, but if there are characters there that I haven't seen/don't have a photo or autograph of, then I'll get their's. But usually there are a lot of people in the lines when I'm there
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    When I was little I met Bianca from the Rescuers. I have a photo, but whenever anyone looks at my album, they always have to ask who it is.

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