I am in the process of creating a blog dedicated to allowing people to share their most magical Disney memories. Basically, you email me a little story about you at any of the Disney theme parks and I post it to the blog. The Disney Memories Blog will be the place to read about people’s most special and magical moments at a Disney theme park.

Your story, or “memory”, can be absolutely anything as long as it involves you or someone you know at a Disney theme park. We all know that some of the most trivial things at Disney can be the most magical and memorable so it doesn’t matter how trivial your story may seem as long as it is a fond memory that is special to you.

It may be the first time you walked up Main Street USA or when your daughter hugged Snow White and it brought a tear to your eye. It might even be how scared you were the first time going on Tower of Terror or how you managed to force your husband to go on Summit Plummet. Your memory can be absolutely anything.

Not only that but this blog will be the place for you to come and read all those magical Disney memories.

At the moment I run two blogs and this will be my third. However, this one will be different as I will not be posting on it myself, you (the readers) will be posting. I look forward to this venture and I hope it will turn out to be a success.

The blog isn’t live at the moment but I would love if you can start writing those memories. If you want to have your most magical memory as one of the first posts on my blog then email me at craigstewart.blog@gmail.com with “My Disney Memory” as the subject.

When writing your memory, try to make it as interesting as possible and be descriptive.

Here are some rules about writing your memory:
  • It must be a between 200 and 2000 words.
  • It must be written in proper English (e.g. no abbreviations for rides etc).
  • You must give it a title.
  • The text must be your own work.
  • You must leave your name (or how you wish to be acknowledged)
  • No advertising.
  • Your memory must be Disney related.

Full credit will be given to you for posting your memory. If you have a personal homepage or your own Disney website then this can be put on the email and I will add a link to it on your post. No other websites may be included.

You are more than welcome to include photographs in your email.

You can email me as many memories as you like but please make one memory per email.

I hope you take the time to email me your memory and help me start this blog. If you have any questions regarding this then please either post below or email me.

The blog will initially be found at http://craigwstewart-disneymemories.blogspot.com
Email your memories to craigwstewart.blog@gmail.com