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Money Saving Tips / Budgeting Discuss 2009 Disney Refillable Mug Pictures? in the Vacation Planning forums; I don't have a 'bout a 1999!!!!...
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    Re: 2009 Disney Refillable Mug Pictures?

    I don't have a 'bout a 1999!!!!

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    Re: 2009 Disney Refillable Mug Pictures?

    Thanks for posting. I miss the old mugs. Who cares that they didn't fit into cup holders. Those were MAN mugs. They didn't NEED to fit in holders.
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    Re: 2009 Disney Refillable Mug Pictures?

    Oh! I LOVE those old mugs! They had those there when I worked back in 1995. We used to pull off the bottoms and fill them with ice chips to keep the drinks colder. I wish I still had mine.

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    Re: 2009 Disney Refillable Mug Pictures?

    We still have and use several of these mugs. We picked-up some solid thermal mugs in DLP three years ago. Those have developed cracks and will not survive much longer. They hold liquid, but even washing them by hand doesn't prevent water from seeping in between the outside and inside layers. We looked for some replaces today while in MK, but they don't have anything like that available.
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