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Money Saving Tips / Budgeting Discuss Where can you split a meal? in the Vacation Planning forums; One of the budget saving tips I always see is to "split a meal" and it's always makes me shake my head. I have 3 men in my family. One ...
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    Where can you split a meal?

    One of the budget saving tips I always see is to "split a meal" and it's always makes me shake my head. I have 3 men in my family. One husband and 2 teenage boys. If I tried to split a burger combo from Pecos bills all that would end up happening is some one would still be hungry and we'd end up snacking. whatever I saved on 1 less meal at lunch would just go to snack an hour later.

    Sooo, where are all these meals that are supposedly large enough to share?

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    Re: Where can you split a meal?

    At counter service places like Pecos Bill's, you would order a double burger and then order an extra bun, and that will make 2 burgers.

    Most people would split meals at table service places. It only makes sense to split meals IF both people are not big eaters.
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    Re: Where can you split a meal?

    Yak and Yeti quick service portions are quite large, plus you can order a side order of fried rice to round out the meal, plus everything is super tastey!

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    Re: Where can you split a meal?

    I got a turkey wrap combo at Comsic Starlight Cafe in Tomorrowland, Magic Kingdom, and it was so big that I only ate half of it. It would be a good choice to split with someone else. I ate the fries and put the dessert in my purse for later.
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    Re: Where can you split a meal?

    at the rain forest me and the hubby split this steak,shrimp, and ribs platter.. me and him couldn't even eat it
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