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Money Saving Tips / Budgeting Discuss Question on Airfare... in the Vacation Planning forums; Ok. So I think I may be finally getting my dad to crack and take a vacation to WDW again!! However, it's going to have to bee a trip on ...
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    Question on Airfare...

    Ok. So I think I may be finally getting my dad to crack and take a vacation to WDW again!! However, it's going to have to bee a trip on the cheap. He is retired military, so I'm thinking of using those discounts for tickets/hotels, and buying them seperately. We'd be staying at a value resort during off season (Probably September, maybe for 40th?), etc. But there's one big problem... the airfare. We'd be flying out from pittsburgh.

    My question is... When/where/how to get the cheapest airfare? I know all about disney vacationing... but outside of Florida, I'm clueless. When do airlines put out deals? I know I've seen $49 flights to orlando, etc... but I just don't know the first thing about booking cheap airfare, and paying $500 for flights for two people is really one of the big things holding us back.

    Any tips/Suggestions?

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    Re: Question on Airfare...

    We always get good airfare from Southwest. We just booked a one way for $79 from Long Island. We're still looking for our return trip airfare though. You should go to the Southwest home page and down load their DING!. You'll get notification of sales through it. I hear Jet Blue has good deals too. You just have to look every day on various airline web sites. It can change every day.
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    Re: Question on Airfare...

    My wife and I flew to Orlando on Southwest in January. It was our fist time using them, but it won't be our last. We loved it. Plus with Southwest, your bags fly free, unlike all the other carriers who charge for them.
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    Re: Question on Airfare...

    We have saved money over Southwest by using Travel Velocity or others like it. It does take effort to check everyday and making best guess on when to pruchase, but with jet fuel prices increasing, I would say sooner is better than later.

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