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Money Saving Tips / Budgeting Discuss Craziest Thing You've Done to Go in the Vacation Planning forums; Originally Posted by mickeytoo OK, OK. So we've sold 2 far. Big deal. if you run out of kids i'm here....
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    Re: Craziest Thing You've Done to Go

    Quote Originally Posted by mickeytoo View Post
    OK, OK. So we've sold 2 far. Big deal.

    if you run out of kids i'm here.

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    Re: Craziest Thing You've Done to Go

    Quote Originally Posted by ohiodisneydad View Post
    OK, Mickeytoo, is this you???

    Delaware Mom Pleads Guilty Of Selling Newborn For Disney Trip.

    Delaware mom Bridget Wismer has pled guilty of selling her newborn son Christian for $15,000 to pay for a trip to Disney World. The baby’s intended buyer, John Gavaghan, has also pleaded guilty.

    Bridget, 34, allegedly planned to use the money paid by John, 55, to take her other two children to the theme park before her arrest last October, according to a Daily Mail report.
    She pleaded guilty to the sale but also that she was mentally ill when she falsified her one-month-old’s birth certificate to list John as the boy’s father. It is a felony to falsify that information.
    Bridget and John were arrested after Bridget’s grandmother informed authorities that baby Christian was sold to John and his longtime partner, Antonio. Authorities were tipped that Bridget was trying to sell the baby because she did not want it and needed money for a trip to Disney World.
    Bridget has said that John is a friend who offered to help when she found herself pregnant and unwilling to get an abortion. “I was just waiting for a miracle,” after she accepted John’s offer to help. “I was so positive about what I was doing.”
    They could face up to five years in prison and a fine up to $100,000 when they will be sentenced in August.

    I didn't want to post a link to it because I don't trust the website's content
    My Lord. I've heard of adoptions like these but never tagged to a WDW trip. Growing up Catholic and having great aunts that were nuns (pick stereo type depiction of nuns and those were my Great Aunts) and I've heard enough stories about icky adoption deals however this takes the trophy.
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    Re: Craziest Thing You've Done to Go

    That can't be real... can it? I mean... wow. I am in awe. That person wins the thread (even though they didn't post here).
    Sometimes all you need is a reminder that out there lies a better place... a better world... a Walt Disney World.
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    Re: Craziest Thing You've Done to Go

    Sorry, Jenn I know you really wanted to win the thread but I thought this lady just deserved it more.

    I joke around with my girls about selling them to their grandparents for pocket change. I never imagined I could hold out for more and get a Disney trip out of it.
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    Re: Craziest Thing You've Done to Go

    So while this was not "To Go" since my most wonderful brother ever paid for the trip.
    To get some extra spending money then, I sold my laptop and a guitar. To be fair I was going to get
    a new laptop later. I could have got one then but I decided I could wait a while for a new one....

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