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Mouse | Tunes Discuss Are These the New SWW Big Figs? in the Site News and Information forums; Hi Everyone, I believe Lou and Nathan talked for a few minutes about Star Wars weekends and the new Big Figs that will be coming out this year. I found ...
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    Question Are These the New SWW Big Figs?

    Hi Everyone,

    I believe Lou and Nathan talked for a few minutes about Star Wars weekends and the new Big Figs that will be coming out this year.

    I found this site through digg. It is various sculptures, etc. around ILM, the effects company that created all of the special effects for Star Wars and just about every other movie:

    Check out Pics 8,9, and 10. And don't miss 7 if you're a Jar Jar hater...
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    8, 9 and 10 are the SWW figs - there is a Donald one, too:
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    How cool! I love Star Wars!

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    Those are cool
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    Wow those are so cool. I am loving that Goofy figure

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    Yeah the new Star Wars big figs are very cool
    however on the Star wars weekends with they all be avalible on the same day and can one person buy all 4 at once.
    Please Help

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    Those are sooooo awesome! But sadly I wont be going to starwars weekends so it's Ebay for me!!!!

    Theres always room for one more!
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