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Mouse | Tunes Discuss A message from Lou about MouseTunes... in the Site News and Information forums; i am so saddened by this. i had to rewind my itunes when lou said "last show" i thot i heard wrong. alas, i didnt, and i kinda cried a ...
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    i am so saddened by this. i had to rewind my itunes when lou said "last show" i thot i heard wrong. alas, i didnt, and i kinda cried a little. I'll admit it. thanks for the show Lou and just so sad to see it go.
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    I am still depressed about this. Take to my bed in the fetal position depressed. I was listening to the WDW Today podcast and heard Lou! I felt a little better. I was just thinking this morning; Will I never hear Jonathan’s awesome intros again??? I am psyched that Jonathan will be the voice!
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    Lou has been cracking me up on WDWtoday.
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    It's a sad day for all who enjoyed the podcast but I personally wanted to say that this was the first podcast I listened too. It was the one that started it for me and was my favorite. I wish both of you well in all you do and I will also be looking for the new podcast.


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    Sorry, and sad to see you guys give up the pod-cast. Mouse Tunes is/was one of the best on the net. Mouse Tunes was the first Disney podcast I listened to, and I greatful for the guys turning me and others onto some of the other casters.
    I am glad to see that both Lou and Nat are going to start new pod casts. Now we will have two more to listen to, and take up the time between Disney trips. We always have to look on the bright side. Good luck on all your new adventures.
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    Lou and Nathan,

    I just listened to the last podcast today, i am sad to see mousetunes end. It was the only podcast i ever listened to and i enjoyed it so much. However, I will be looking forward to both of yall's new projects in the future, and will keep listening for news on all things disney. I just wanted to thank both of you for putting on a great podcast. I enjoyed listening to it every week and being a podperson and listening to all the babbling. You two made such a great team and I hope that yall will do some projects with each other in the future. I will miss it a lot but I still have some old shows to catch up on that I will be listening to on my way to disney world in March. Thank you both again for making my day a little more magical. Good Luck on your new projects and I will stay tuned for all the new things yall have in store. :-)

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    I, too, am sad to see MouseTunes go, but will be ancious to see what is next from Lou and Nathan. I really enjoyed the show and will definetly be one of the first to download the WDW Radio Show!

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    Well, that explains a lot on why I haven't seen any new downloads. I haven't even listen to the latest podcasts b/c I've been so busy and haven't really taken the time to be on here. I'm sad about that. :-( But I'm sure this new podcast will be just as good. Anyway, coolness. Best of luck to Mr. Lou!

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