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Mouse | Tunes Discuss This is horible in the Site News and Information forums; When I got home today the first thing I did was jump on the Mousetunes website. Then my heart sunk. Lou and Nathan even though I've never meet you I ...
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    This is horible

    When I got home today the first thing I did was jump on the Mousetunes website. Then my heart sunk. Lou and Nathan even though I've never meet you I feel like ive always known you throgh mousetunes.

    Goodbye I will always be a loyal podperson.
    I'm only happy in Disney World
    I am still a proud pod person
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    once a podperson always a podperson..

    na na na na... na na na na goooodbye
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    I feel like my dog died.....

    You guys were the first podcast I subscribed to. I think this is the first time a serial entertainment program (TV, Radio, now podcast) that i was a fan of was cancelled without any warning for me. I feel as though a rug was pulled out from under my feet.

    But I understand, and look forward to your new projects.

    At least they'll be no more "less do eet"s... the only thing about the show I disliked!
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    I am with you guys.. Mousetunes was my intro to podcasting and carrying on listening without it will be difficult. But I feel so very lucky to have met these wonderful guys and I definitely will continue to support them in all their future ventures.
    Jackie O.
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    When I heard the news I accually cried..... I kid you not.... I guess there must be a good reason for the stop of the podcast and I guess all good things must come to and end......... Good luck in ALL future ventures Lou and Nathan! You both get that much needed sleep you mentioned on the podcast!! Just one thing I thought you ought to know Lou and Nate is that your podcast was the only podcast I ever truly enjoyed and the old episodes are staying on my ipod for a ve loooooonnnnnggg time. I will ALWAYS be a podperson! Without sounding to sappy your show has really changed my life... It helped me bring the world close to home and I will never forget the BABBLING! Thanks for everything guys!!!!!!!!! On to the DWD radio show i guess.... Once again thanks!

    Yours sincerely,

    Chase Langlais

    Theres always room for one more!
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