Greetings Lou/Others,

In a recent podcast one of the listeners emailed about recreating the Tree of Life from Disney's Animal Kingdom for a thesis project.

Here are some resources that might help a bit. One of these books (I can't remember which) shows the skeleton of the tree and how it was constructed.

1. Walt Disney imagineering : a behind the dreams look at making the magic real

2. Building a dream : the art of Disney architecture by Beth Dunlop

If neither of those books are available, try this website which has similar information.

Here's another idea since the recreation of the Tree's detail would be daunting. Perhaps you could take a series of digital photographs using a tripod as you go around the tree. Then you could stitch the photos together using software to create an interactive panoramic. Just a thought. Maybe it would mean you would have to take a trip down to Disney after all. All in the name of education!