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Mouse | Tunes Discuss Why are we moaning about the Pixarization of WDW? in the Site News and Information forums; This has been mentioned a few times on the podcast, and quite frankly I find it weird. What do we expect? There are no Disney Animated Features coming out, and ...
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    Why are we moaning about the Pixarization of WDW?

    This has been mentioned a few times on the podcast, and quite frankly I find it weird. What do we expect? There are no Disney Animated Features coming out, and the most recent ones were terrible. In order to keep up with what animated movies kids's Pixar films?

    And another thing, do we not like Pixar films? I think they are great. So if you like them, why wouldn't you want to see those characters in the parks?

    And there honestly isn't all that much currently, when you think about it. EPCOT has Crush. MK has Buzz. MGM has...well...nothing. And AK has the Bug's, which doesn't really count because it pre-dated the film! So it would seem we are WAY far off turning this into PIXAR World, don't you think?
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    I must agree in a certain way. I think without Pixar, Disney is in a far different boat. It is by FAR the most successful part of Disney by a long shot. And anyway Pixar is Disney now, if you like it or not. From here on out what is made for the silver screen will be mostly handled by the guys who brought you Toy Story, and I am very happy about it. Under the old regime we were wrapped up in Cinderella 2, Bambi 2, Lion King 1 1/2, Hunchback 2. Not too much originality other than Stitch ( And I have heard so many complaints on all kinds of sites about Disney even using too much of him! ) I have not yet put my finger on what people want out of the future of Disney. Even when Disney creates something somewhat decent and begins plastering it on every piece of merchandise it is overkill, and people seem upset. Is it that bad to bring into the parks what is successful for Disney? I am fairly sure Mickey and his pals have not made a hit movie in the past few years ( Which believe me I wish they have! ) I for one embrace the Pixar merger. Let them help spread the pixie dust. It does not have to be Mickey Mouse, for it to be Disney. I for one just want a good story, and some more great characters to add to the family. Ohana means family, and you usually don't get to choose your family. So enjoy what is coming it should be a nice turn from what we are all used to!
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    Pixar is cool man! But this whole, "No, Disney isn't with them, Yes, Disney is with them," thing it always gets me confused. And personally, I am SO looking forward to seeing Cars! It looks pretty darn funny!(Plus it has Larry the Cable Guy in it! lol) So I love Pixar! Without them, I don't think people would be interested in some of their 2-D movies.
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    The reunion between Pixar and Disney is the best thing to have happened. They are a great partnership; one has the ideas and the other the distribution know-how and the resources to use the storyline and characters in other media - like theme parks. I love some of the old Disney feature films, but we haven't seen any of that quality for a long time. If both parties are allowed to do what they do best, we will all be reaping the benefits. Wonder what Pixar could do if they used Mickey in a storyline?
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    I am thrilled Disney and Pixar have patched things up, and I look forward to more movies as great at Toy Story and such....
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