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Multimedia - Video, Music and Sound Files Discuss Video of "Dinosaur" ride? in the Multimedia - Audio, Video, Photos and more! forums; Does anyone have a video (that I would be able to watch with RealPlayer, QuickTime, or Windows Media Player) of the ride "Dinosaur"?? Or, do you know where I can ...
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    Blissfully close *ahhhh*

    Video of "Dinosaur" ride?

    Does anyone have a video (that I would be able to watch with RealPlayer, QuickTime, or Windows Media Player) of the ride "Dinosaur"?? Or, do you know where I can get one? I am trying to get one to show to my dd, so she can see what the ride is like, prior to getting on it (I think she'll be scared, so I'd like her to see ahead of time)

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    In the HM Graveyard where else??
    It's pretty hard to film this ride, so much shaking and darkness just adds up to be a washed out video with a few flashing lights.
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    You tube has a version of it but like urmom said because of the darkness and shaking I don't know how good the quality is but here is the site to check it out...
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    Not sure if this helps but....
    I am terrified of it!!! And I am 24 years old!!!

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    im 28 scared of it after going on millions of times and even worse....i worked at the attraction for months!!!
    I love it though!! I love the thrill

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    Oh my gosh, I admit I was scared the first time. The worst part is all the bumping around. I think I bruised my spleen last time. Once you know where the dinosaurs are then it is okay. I took a fearless six year old boy who cried the first time but then couldn't wait to get back on and has loved it ever since. Then my seven year old niece was scared of Peter Pan's Flight so there is no way I would take her. Just realize it is loud and dark and bumpy. If there is any way you were able to talk the rider through everything as it was coming at them that really helps.

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