A New Coaster From JMAinAZ!
-Like nothing you've ever seen before.
Inertia: The reluctance of any object to change its state of motion
The video is now available at my website. So Go Check It Out!
All music is arranged and edited by, and all sound fx were added by, me. No internal game sounds were used in the film.
There is a preview of Moby's Robocop attached.
After the preview, there is a fly over of the ride, queue area, etc.
The actual ride is probably my shortest in a long time.
Although it is a "normal" coaster, there is an element not seen before in an RCT3 video. (But what else is new coming from JMAinAZ!)
I have posted the High Definition 16:9 wide screen - Dolby Digital 5.1 Version.
The video is best experienced in FULL SCREEN, so make sure you set your player's option.
For those with a slower connection, I will post a smaller version within the next couple days.
Otherwise, right-click and choose SAVE TARGET AS when you get to my site!
After watching, please rate, and tell me what you think.