Hi all,

I just got back from DW and had a couple of interesting observations that I wanted to share:

First off, I stayed at the Old Key West resort. I don't know if you all are aware or not, but Disney has a new Channel 17 What's On TV? guide. IT STINKS. It has NO sound. NO video ads. NOTHING. Now I'm not sure if it was just because of where I stayed, or if it's resort wide. Can anyone confirm or refute this? If this is true, I downloaded what I think is the last good guide for that channel. If I figure out how to edit video, I'll be glad to post it onto Youtube.

Also, very interesting fact from the Great Movie Ride. When I rode the attraction, I asked my father to record the end. As the movie was going on, I found out later that the video became blurry. It wasn't bad enough that you couldn't see the screen. It was just a little blurry. Anyone know if this is a tactic done by Disney? Or was it just our camera messing up. Again, if anyone can tell me how to upload my camcorder videos to Youtube, I'll be happy to upload that video.

Lastly, saw some cool commercials while in our room. One was for the Flower Exhibit that was going on at Epcot. Doubt I'll be able to find that one. Another one was for Star Wars weekend that's going on at Hollywood Studios. It was cool because it was the Mickey Tower opening up and one of the Star Wars jets flying into it. Again, very cool ad but doubt I'll be able to find it on the Web. The last one I saw was for the new American Idol Experience. I did find that one on Disney's website. It featured a woman singing and pretending she was on American Idol. Again, very cool ad.

If anyone has any thoughts, feel free to comment! Have a Magical Day!