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Multimedia - Video, Music and Sound Files Discuss Manual for Disney Monorail in the Multimedia - Audio, Video, Photos and more! forums; Enjoy!
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    Re: Manual for Disney Monorail

    ooooh!!! this is neat!
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    Re: Manual for Disney Monorail

    Grrrr... dropbox is blocked here in the office. *sob*
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    Re: Manual for Disney Monorail

    now this is cool
    91= Grand Floridan 01= All Star Sports 11= Music
    92= Grand Floridan 02= All Star Movies 12= Movies
    93= Caribbean Beach 03= Old Key West 13= Sports
    94= All Star Sports 04= Pop Century
    95= French Quarter 05= Pop Century
    96= Dixie Landing 06= Grand Floridan
    97= All Star Music 07= All Star Sports
    98= All Star Sports 08= Pop Century
    99= All Star Movies 09= All Star Sports
    00= All Star Music 10= All Star Music

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    Re: Manual for Disney Monorail

    Nice find

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    Re: Manual for Disney Monorail


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    Re: Manual for Disney Monorail

    You rock.

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