Another RU42 creation hits the internet....Disneyland's Enchanted Tiki Room! The Tiki Room came out of an extensive rehab in March 2005. This footage is post rehab.

It will begin in the Tiki Garden and take you inside to enjoy the original show.

You can get this video in 3 places:

1) #Disney-Central (servers can get it off Distro now)

2) alt.binaries.multimedia.disney OR alt.binaries.multimedia.disney.parks

3) Visions Fantastic (

Visions Fantastic is still free, but you are required to be a registered user to download files. On the bottom of the Tiki page (link above) is a link to the new video. It will take you to the Gallery.

If you are not logged in, you will be asked to log in. If/When logged in you will see the gallery page. You will see and icon in gold and purple of the Castle with VIDEO on the bottom (you want the one that is on top; not the 2 on the second line.) If you click on it you will be asked where to save the file.

I hope you enjoy it.

(If you are familiar with #Disney-Central or Newsgroups I ask that you grab the video from there in order to conserve VF bandwidth.)