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Multimedia - Video, Music and Sound Files Discuss Does Anyone Know How To Play Torrent Files Or What To Do With Them? in the Multimedia - Audio, Video, Photos and more! forums; title says it all.....
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    Exclamation Does Anyone Know How To Play Torrent Files Or What To Do With Them?

    title says it all..
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    You are welcome to copy either.

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    you have to load them into a torrent program to download them

    torrent files are only containing information for torrent programs .. no playable or otherwise usable data

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    I am in no way a computer wiz but I sometimes download from Isohunt and use Bitlord. Maybe you can Google "Bitlord" and download that program. I can upload them to iTunes without a problem.

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    I have been using uTorrent.

    Now, I only started torrent downloading last week, but I am HOOKED!!!

    DIsney Central Torrents has it all!!! I have download all of the telecasts for the openings of the parks and even Disney World Opening show from 1971, I have also downloaded all of the Resort TV shows as well as much of the resort ambient's AWESOME.

    Go to uTorrent, down load the program for free

    Then download the torrent files to you desktop.

    Then click on them and drag them to the open uTorrent window, they should start downloading immediately...may take a LONG time though depending how many people are seeding the files ( a term you will become accustomed to with torrent files)

    I would suggest you check in the forums on Disney Central Torrents to learn more...

    Good luck...

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