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My World: Views & Reviews Discuss The Family Fun Day Parade in the Trip Reports & Member Reviews forums; The Family Fun Day Parade During my day at Magic Kingdom, I had the great fortune of witnessing and taking part in the Family Fun Day Parade! After watching and ...
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    The Family Fun Day Parade

    The Family Fun Day Parade

    During my day at Magic Kingdom, I had the great fortune of witnessing and taking part in the Family Fun Day Parade! After watching and taking part in it, I definately realized how big of a success it is. This is my review on it.

    It was a very quiet afternoon on Town Square. Me, my dad, and my brother were standing in City Hall making reservations for the Biergarten restaurant the next day when I heard some music start to play. I, being the Disney freak I am, was instantly curious. I let my dad know I would be outside to see what the commotion was. I walked around the corner around the Emporium and there, in all its red,white, and blue glory, marching down the street was the Family Fun Day Parade.

    In the lead was the red old-time vehicle with a family riding in it. I instantly recognized them as being the grand marshalls who most likely won it from the Dream Squad. Behind the vehicle was Pluto in a red sash and a baton. Behind him were a cast of characters with their own specific patriotic object leading a small group of families behind each of them. One of the country bears was holding a pom pom leading a couple families with pom poms and directing them to wave the pom poms. A few costumed cast members held various items such as flags and hula-hoops leading their own groups of families with flags and hula-hoops.

    The air was thick with patriotism and fun and I was frantically taking pictures of all I could get. A parade coordinator noticed me and immediately asked me to join in. I, reluctantly, said yes and grabbed myself a flag. The parade wound its way around Town Square where it came to a halt as soon as all the families (and I) were wrapped around the flag. Flags were being waved everywhere, Yankee-Doodle Dandee was playing loudly over Main Street, and guests were clapping and waving.

    After the parade ended, we gave our flags back and were then allowed to return to our day. My final comments on the parade is this: I found this parade to be an absolute pleasure! True, this parade is by no means, big, however, what it lacks in size, it triples in family fun and patriotism. The feeling that washed over me as I was waving the flag to the rhythm of the music was one of such happiness and (in the case of a Disney nerd) ecstacy.

    If you are in Magic Kingdom, make sure you and your party volunteer to be in it because you are in for one fun-filled march through the Kingdom.
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    I saw the beginnings of this parade a couple of weeks ago, but we didn't stick around to volunteer (we were headed somewhere). Looked like fun, and I'm glad you enjoyed it!!

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    I saw it! there was alot of red white and blue!! there was a bunch of adults marching in it too...

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