Tokyo DisneySea Park's New Attraction "Raging Spirits" Opening July 21, 2005
Tokyo Disneyland Resort

Raging Spirits, a new roller coaster attraction in Tokyo DisneySea Park, will begin operation on July 21, 2005 in the themed port of Lost River Delta. The attraction will take Guests on a thrilling, high-speed ride through the ruins of an ancient ceremonial site.
When restoration work began on two giant statues unearthed recently in Lost River Delta, the unfortunate consequence was the awakening of the mysterious spirits that reside in the ominous idols. Now, the multi- headed snake statue that seems to be the symbol of the God of Water spews water everywhere, while the stone statue of the God of Fire appears surrounded by shimmering flames.

Guests riding the attraction will board hopper cars that are propelled along tracks around the archeological excavation site, passing by the vengeful statues and through bursts of water and flame before experiencing a 360-degree loop followed by a hair-raising plunge into a steam- filled cenote (sinkhole).

Raging Spirits will offer Guests an unforgettable journey through a mysterious and exciting world. The attraction will serve to further enhance the atmosphere of Lost River Delta and add even more adventure to Tokyo DisneySea.