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In-Park Games Discuss The Splash Mountain Challenge in the Trivia and Games Forums forums; I know that I will do the BTMRR challenge and I will definitely try the Monorail challenge!!!...
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    I know that I will do the BTMRR challenge and I will definitely try the Monorail challenge!!!
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    I will definitely try the Monorail challenge!!
    I may come back full swing one day, foolish mortals, maybe one day.

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    monorail challenge sound sweet<3

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    I cant wait till WDW in Summer 08!

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    I'm definitely trying the monorail challenge when I go down there!
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    I can't believe I havent been back since i started this thread....anyway.
    The Thunder Mountain challenge just feels cool, for some reason it makes all the sweeping turns feel alot smoother and more fluid. But for me, the Splash Mountain challenge is where its have to pretty much just say, I have no reason to not act a little rediculous and have people I don't know stare at me because my arms are over my head while i'm going through the gift shop. We basically made all of these up in one night...and it was the second-to-last day we were there, so who knows what else we would've come up with if we would've had more time.
    I kinda want to get a list going of either challenges people have made up and played or ones that are waiting to be tried out.
    -Hopefully we can get a whole series going, maybe even have some point system in place for a competition...but I dream big.
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    Here is a fun challenge, while in EPCOT visit a particular land and try to sit on everybench for at least one minute. You will see the park in a different perspective at each bench! To add to that, take a picture from each bench and after they are developed try to remember where the bench is located.

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    My hubby loved the idea of the monorail challenge - cos he knows that I would fall over! I have really poor balance - I fell over in the 'O Canada' film!! I just lean over too far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shawnymike88 View Post
    -The Monorail Challenge- try to stand up for the duration of the monorail ride to the TTC without holding on to anything.
    Don't you listen to the all-knowing monorail voice? At least HE knows to hold onto the handrail for the entirety of the journey. :P

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    I love it! I am the only one in my family to have my hands up on the big drop. I do that every time and I sometimes go up a little off my seat... I have done the monorail challenge and me and my cousin Randall where at a draw.

    SMike88, you MUST PM all the challenges. I have to challenge every one in my family. I'm guarantied to win.
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    Quote Originally Posted by andyznuff View Post are in Disneyworld............DISNEYWORLD!!!!!!!!!! And your mind is ocupied by what "challenge" you can come up with?
    Well you don't come up with the challenges IN WDW. You come up with them before, and plus, there are other ways ot say what you said. Like:

    Interesting Idea, but I don't think I'd be thinking about challenges for Disneyworld, I'm too focused on the other things.

    The way you said it was rude.

    Also, to comment on the challenges, I'd probably be to scared to try the Splash Mountain one. But the monorail challenge sounds fun!
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