VMK, or, Virtual Magic Kingdom, is an online game that is based on the area(s) of the Magic Kingdom. On Main Street USA, just after the main hub, the PENNY ARCADE, located on the right hand side of the street, FACING towards Cinderella's castle is a good place to stop by, and not only trade pins, but also, to play VMK. From the Pirates Quest, revolving around Pirates of the Carribean, is all about the PoTC Ride. The Thrill Seeker Quest, revolves around Animal Kingdom and Tomorrow Land. The Adventurer's Quest of Epcot and MGM, and a few others can be played throughout all the 4 parks. NONE of the quests pertain to the 2 water parks.

First, you would goto the Penny Arcade, pick up a sheet filled with quest questions, and tehn head to the area(s). You then read the question, and answer it. When you have answered all questions correctly, return to the Penny Arcade, with the questionnaire, and redeem your prize. In order to fully utilize the rewards, you must first take part in VMK. Goto VMK.com, register, and log in. When you have done that, you can then enter the codes on the rewards cards to redeem your prize(s).

There are 3-4 quests, with different prizes, credits for purchases in-game, clothing, even your own room.

ASIDE from VMK, me and a few people had races. Who could get to a certain ride FIRST, by any and all means OTHER than illegal. It happened in Epcot with me and a few friends, and I not only had fun, I got some great knowledge of where to go, how to get there, and on my own. It's frustrating when you get lost in the Magic Kingdom. Anyway, lastweek, me and my girlfriend, NOW FIANCE, were in Orlando, on a 6-day getaway vacation. In another are of the forum, since I wrote it all down, I'm gonna do a quick recap. C-ya all real soon.