The best way to get a high score is to work together with the other person in your car. If both players know these tips you can get a really great score! I found these on Miceage but have changed a few things that I could think of from experience.

Barn Room
EASTER EGG: The very small rat near the house at the top is worth a few points, but he's more valuable for what comes next. If you hit him when he scurries up the barn, the barn flips open with high-point mouse targets. After the barn turns back over, the rats will appear in the field with the other animals, worth 1000 points each. If you find the time, you could also shoot the goat in the top corner (2,000 pts?) and the fox on the henhouse (500). The fox, once shot, triggers a series of 1,000 point chickens. Basicly aim for the barns!

Balloon Room
EASTER EGG: Aim for the top left and right corners. If you knock out the balloons on the cloud, you get a shower of 500-point balloons covering the screen. If your partner does the same thing on HIS cloud at the same time (more or less), then what you trigger is a shower of 2,000 point balloons, rainbow colored. The best way to do this is for both players to knock out all but 1 of the cloud balloons then let each other know so you can shoot the last baloon together. BUT you have to do this very fast to get as many shots as possible at the 2000 point baloons.

Green Army Men Plate Breaking Room
EASTER EGG: Hit the jumping 2000 point plates at the same time on both sides of the screen to activate a slew of jumping 2000 point plates across the screen. The jumping plates are at the top left and right of the screen. During this wave of jumping plates, you and your partner must both hit two jumping plates, and you'll unlock a tank that will come out of the mountain. This egg we have never been able to do! So good luck.

Alien Room
EASTER EGG: Put a ring around all the 100-point aliens in the rocketship in the middle. The way we get this to work is one of us starts at the top and the other at the bottom so we get all the aliens really fast. Do it before any of them pops back up, and you trigger the "hungry monster" who opens his mouth and lets you rapid fire in your rings for 500 pts, then 1,000 pts a shot. Get the monster to appear early to maximize your time with him. Every so often, the monster keeps his mouth shut. Aim at 1,000 or 2,000 or the 5,000 point rocketships on the side during this quiet time, but come back to the monster when he's ready. You get a TON of points here if you get it right.

Western Room
EASTER EGG: In the first room here, you see many bullseyes that open up new targets when you hit them. Clear everything one time, not bothering to hit things that re-spawn, and you'll see that the targets leap up to 1,000 and 2,000 points possible. Start on one side of the screen while the other player starts the other. BE FAST!

Kill the bat at the top as soon as you see it. It flips around to reveal a 5,000 point target. Then, the mine cars start saying 1,000 or 2,000 points. When you start moving across the scene, hitting the two 500 point targets that are close to each other throughout the scene opens 2000 point targets. In the mine car part, hit every single mine car to get two 5000 point mine cars, quite tricky to hit that and the bat.

The very instant a giant target fills your screen, start rapid firing and don't stop until it's all over. As you hit the target, lights around the outside of the target illuminate. Eventually, the target starts being worth 1,000 points and then 2,000 points. But you have to be very quick.

This is our favorite ride on property at the moment so if anyone is going to be in Disney the first week of May they will probably see us there first thing in the morning!