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In-Park Games Discuss Spotting Brits in the Trivia and Games Forums forums; This is one reason why I love Disney World so much. Where else could you meet so many different types of people, from so many different types of places, all ...
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    This is one reason why I love Disney World so much. Where else could you meet so many different types of people, from so many different types of places, all together, enjoying the same show, ride, or restaurant? It's truly universal.
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    Well I can say that me and my fiance have enjoyed a few games of spot the Brit in the parks. I think I'm cleared on the negative aspects of the game since she is British herself... it's a lot of fun.

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    OOoooohhhh I LOVE the U.S accent!! It doesn't sound course at all Meg!!!!! Me and my Mum love sitting and listening to "y'all" speak, it's great. I fell in love with the way a tiny little American boy was saying "goofy" on our last trip!!
    I can also spot other Brits around the parks, they are usually sunburned and wearing inappropriate footwear

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    I love sitting on a bench watching people go by and listening to what they are saying. My favorite place is the sitting area by Canada.

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    Re: Spotting Brits

    The easiest way to spot them is the bad lobster-red sunburn, the football tops and the way they stride out down I-drive! Oh and the vastly unsuitable swimwear they sport at the water parks.....I'm not perfect myself but sometimes I am embarrassed to be English!

    On one trip, a mutual friend introduced us to an American family. The Mum said to her little girl "Gee honey, more folks who speak like Harry Podder!" At which point we hastily assured her that Harry Potter sounds a lot more cultured than we do....
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    Re: Spotting Brits

    So I know this is a bit of an aside as it's not Brits in WDW but DLP but I loved hearing all the different accents and languages spoken when we went to Disneyland Paris last year - and that certainly included Brits at DLP, lol.

    I'd just smile everytime I heard a little Brit or Italian kid speak - so cool.

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    Re: Spotting Brits

    What about if your at a water park. I usually can tell someone is not from america b/c they are wearing a SKIMPY SPEDOS. it grosses me out. Its like you can see their whole package. EWWWWW!!!!

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    Re: Spotting Brits

    my brother would absolutly love this haha

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