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In-Park Games Discuss Personal Picture Spots in the Trivia and Games Forums forums; We always take silly pictures with the big Viking in Norway. It's a fun way to show our sense of humor!...
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    We always take silly pictures with the big Viking in Norway. It's a fun way to show our sense of humor!
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    i dont kno how this happens with my family every trip, but someone always manages to get pictures of me and my brothers inside one of the gun towers in the fort on tom sawyer island. its not an official photo stop for just always happens!
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    We've just begun a tradition of our own personal spot (though we missed it on this last trip). I now try to get a photo of my husband and son sitting in RC over near the food court of ASMo.
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    Cinderella's Golden Carousel.

    I have a few photos from 1971 (I was just a wee tyke) up to 2008 riding it with my son.

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    Re: Personal Picture Spots

    Our family always just HAS to get a picture with the castle in the backround at night while it's changing colors. =]
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    Re: Personal Picture Spots

    Our spot is in conservation station, in front of the rhino, and tiger. We got our oldest son there in '04 and then again in '06 with our middle son. Can't wait to get a picture of our little girl in '10. They grow up too fast. Also, in front of the castle.
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    Re: Personal Picture Spots

    Our family spot is the waterfall outside of Maelstrom. We go there first thing (after getting fastpasses to Soarin!). World Showcase is still closed and you can only go as far as Norway. We set the camera on the stone with the timer on to get a nice shot with no one else in the shot. It also doesn't scream Disney, so we tell our non-Disney friends that the picture was taken in Norway. It's kind of true, right?!
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    Re: Personal Picture Spots

    i need to get one of these spots! haha LOL

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    Re: Personal Picture Spots

    I don't know why or how it came to be, but we always seem to have a picture with the cigar Indian.
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    Re: Personal Picture Spots

    My Mom and my Nana went down in 72 and took a picture on the Adventureland bridge. When my parents took me for my first trip in January of 88, my Dad took a picture of my Mom (who was pregnant at the time with my little brother!) and me. Every year we go, we get a picture there.

    From this year!

    My favorite year is when we have our ponchos on in the picture!!

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    Re: Personal Picture Spots

    We always took our picture in front of the giant tombstone for the seven wives at the exit for the Haunted Mansion
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    Re: Personal Picture Spots

    Sitting in Mickey's hands on the Boardwalk.
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    Re: Personal Picture Spots

    Quote Originally Posted by disneydarling View Post
    After looking at the pics of everyone in Lou's spot I was wondering...does anyone else have a "spot" that they always take a picture at?
    For me its sitting on the large planter thingy at the enterance to adventure land..I have pictures of me sitting their dating back to very early childhood..
    what about ya'll?
    We always take a shot on the bridge between UK and France Pavillions.

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    Re: Personal Picture Spots

    Our "spot" is in front of the Mickey statue at the all-stars. I alsways stick my hands out like Mickey!!
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    Re: Personal Picture Spots

    My Dad just gave me these pictures recently of my brother and myself. They are from about 1977.
    Personal Picture Spots-donna-greg-wdw2.jpg Personal Picture Spots-donna-greg-wdw3.jpg Personal Picture Spots-donna-greg-wdw.jpg
    I know I have a picture of my kids in front of the Mickey flowers somewhere, but I can't find it. We always get our picture in front of the Castle though.
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