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Photo Contests Discuss Photo Contest for October 2008 - Tower of Terror in the Photo Gallery and Contests forums; Originally Posted by thokecin And mine... Nice shot!...
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    Quote Originally Posted by thokecin View Post
    And mine...
    Nice shot!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MainStreet, USA View Post
    That's a fantastic shot Don!

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    Quote Originally Posted by disneydreamer98 View Post
    That's a fantastic shot Don!

    I took that shot some time ago, primarily because of the dark, gray, ominous looking clouds behind the tower that gave it a really creepy look that fit great with the theme. But when I got the picture uploaded onto my PC, the contrast between the tower and the sky was kind of... well, unimpressive. So I started messing around with some contrast and lighting editing in Gimp, trying to fix the lackluster contrast and make the hotel stand out more and the clouds seem darker and spookier, and somehow in the process ended up with what you see here. Not quite the effect I was trying for, but it looked pretty cool anyway (I think it looks sorta "ghastly"). So I saved a copy thinking it might come in handy somewhere down the road. And naturally, when I saw a ToT photo contest this month, I knew right away which photo I wanted to submit!
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    Here's mine.
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    Last day to enter photos into the contest!

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