Here are this months entries

1.Sharon&Randy...."Let's twist again like we did last summer! Let's twist again like we did last year!"

2. Dizisit...."Hey! Look out there now, little missy...! I'm gettin' my 'Goofy Groove' on!!!"

3.Born 2B Grumpy....You're much more fun than that native american guy and a better dancer too!

4. NC_WDW_Daddy ....Even the Grateful Dead party here.

5. SnwhtNdwrfs ...."Who ya gonna call? Dancebusters!"

6.disneydreamer98 ....Where did you come from? Where did you go?
Where did you come from cotton-eye Joe?
If it hadn't been for cotton-eye Joe
I'd been married long time ago!

7. Veritas...."Haunted Mansion, Rave to the Grave"

8. elvistelth .... Blissfully unaware of being a stereotype, Bob proudly showed off his "white guy moves" to someone who truly understands the macabre.

9. Serkazong.... Come on everybody!- you put your right foot in, you take your right foot out.....

10. MartianCrab .... Dance of the living dead!!!